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Images of the 2019 Big E Fair

Every September I look forward to photographing the Big E - New England's state fair and carnival.  The Fair draws about one and a half million people over its seventeen-day run, and I race to capture as much of the action as I can.

The Big E has run since 1917 at this location in West Springfield, Massachusetts. It was started as an agricultural fair, and still has a large agriculture component, but the biggest part is now family entertainment. There are horse jumping contests, dog shows, livestock exhibits, rides on the midway, mimes and street performers, a circus, cars on display and a large craft area.  Plus music and live entertainment. It is a quintessential state fair.

The images below are just a sampling of things I saw over the run of the fair. Some of the images below have appeared on the Fair's social media, a few in newspaper and television media, while others are previously unpublished. You will see bigger-than life prints from some of these shots lining the wall…

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