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Thoughts on #Coronavirus risk

This #coronavirus outbreak is causing a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety, especially among people with autism and other disabilities. Many of us have expressed fear that we may be seen as expendable and we are likely to be more at risk due to other medical complications.

As an autistic person the best thing I can offer by way of calming is some logic and reason, based on good facts. Our country's failure to expand testing has created the perception that there may be thousands or millions of undiagnosed, non symptomatic cases lurking. The evidence isn't bearing that out. Massachusetts is ramping up testing fast, from 50 tests a day two weeks ago to 1,000 tests a day now. Currently the tests are only done on people that doctors suspect may be infected. But 90% of the tests are coming back negative.  Consider what that says:  Most of the people who think the have coronavirus, or are suspected of having the virus by doctors, don't.  No matter where you are, you are likely…

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