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Neurodiversity and Relationships

Humans seek relationships for all sorts of reasons:protection and mutual aid, employment, friendship, romance . . . It should not surprise anyone to read that people like to be with others who are like them.There are a million ways to define “like themselves,” and it may not even be a conscious choice, but there is no doubt that many communities of like-minded people exist, just as many like-minded people become friends or romantic partners.
Evolutionary psychologists have a term for that: Assortative Mating.
Said that way, you might think people primarily pair off with others like them for romance, but in fact people connect with “folks like them” for most all relationships in life. In the case of neurodivergent people, a recent Swedish study supports the assortative mating theory:
In that study, researchers found an autistic person was 11 times more like to marry another autistic person than average.They were also more likely to marry a person with ADHD schizophrenia or bipolar dia…

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