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THESomerset said...

I downloaded "Look me in the Eye" last week. As a mother of a son with Asperger's, the daughter of an Aspie, and aunt to 4 Aspies, I was incredibly touched by the book. I wanted to thank you for helping me understand more about why my family members seem so different. I am an extrovert and extremely empathetic, so understand how my own son thinks was difficult. I am a middle school teacher and will be recommending your books to colleagues who struggle to reach the "odd-ducks" in our classrooms. Thank you for sharing your struggle!

Austin Can Relate said...

As a young adult with Aspergers, I would be honored to have your feedback on/interaction with my blog! You are an inspiration to me as an author, writer, and voice of reason. Loved your book!

M'n'M said...

"Look me in the Eye" is also available in Polish.