We continue to move forward on the book. I looked at cover designs today.

Meanwhile, the legal people are reading it. I hope they don't find many problems.

Back at Robison Service, I have gotten into looking over the work in the shop, something I've been too busy to do for the past few weeks. We've got a number of interesting jobs in process right now.

We've got a Bentley Continental here that's getting a hotrodded engine and chassis, new paint, and new woodwork.

There are three Land Rover Defender projects here. One's a frame-off restoration of a red 1994 hardtop. It will emerge as a green soft top this summer.

We've got a 300TDI conversion that's getting 3-link off road suspension, lockers, under armor, the whole works.

Then there are the two Haflingers. These are really slick, golf-cart sized rigs developed for the Austrian Army by Steyr. Both are body-off restorations. There probably aren't five of these in the whole state, and we've got two.

An enthusiast in New Jersey sent us a wonderful beige 1963 Land Rover with a worn out engine. All original and rust free. A remarkable find.

We've just completed engine swaps in a Mercedes E430 and a BMW 528.

We'll be seeing the spring rush in a few more weeks.


Neil M. Fennessey said…
Anonymous said…
Congratulations. Your book will be out in no time.

It's really interesting to read about your many activities.


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