Asperger's and autism are everywhere, it seems

It's interesting to see how Look Me in the Eye is spreading now that it's been on sale a few months. I have not mentioned reviews in a while, so I thought I'd highlight a few in this post.

Yesterday, published a nice review:

A few weeks back, the Vail, Colorado newspaper had nice things to say:

And before that, a thoughtful piece appeared in The Standard, a conservative magazine where you would not expect to find a non-political book reviewed.

I continue to be surprised and pleased at the way people connect with my story. In addition to the reviews, I've received so many wonderful letters from readers in the past three months.

That's all great, but we still move inexorably toward the shortest day of the year. I just wish it didn't get dark so early nowadays. Oh well; the days start getting longer soon.


John, you'll probably never know how many lives you're impacting in so many important ways. This post and the NY Times news from your Monday post make it clear your message is being widely heard is and greatly appreciated. I'm so glad I had a chance to meet you and hear you speak at the Tattered Cover here in Denver! K.
Lisa said…
Congratulations on the continued and well-deserved kudos. What you're doing means so much to so many.
Piglet said…
i'm with you on the dark thing, it was really hard for me when we lived in amherst with the too early darkness. we have it here too, but i think it was much earlier in amherst. that is about the only thing i do not miss about living there.

i was out of town last weekend, and stopped at the bookstore my nephew works in. i made sure they had your book displayed in the front, and they did.

oh and i think my ear is finally growing back, just in time to give it away again :)

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