When CBS comes calling

Here's Erin Moriarty of CBS Sunday Morning with me in my living room in Amherst. Erin and producer Kay Lim came up to do a story on memory, memoir, and the portrayals of our father in A Wolf at the Table and Look Me in the Eye.

The segment should air in early July. I'll let you know when they schedule it.

The filming was done over two days at my brother's house and my house. It's amazing how much video they shoot to make a ten-minute segment on network television. I'll bet they went back to New York with eight hours of video.


Realmcovet said…
Oooh! Wiggle those ears away!!

I LOVED both Look Me In The Eye and A Wolf at the Table!! Many people live vicariously through your vivacious character in both those reads. Glad your guys stuff is getting the recognition it deserves!!
Kim Stagliano said…
Hello, GQ! John, look at your smile and your eyes. Fully engaged with the camera. Very cool.

Holly Kennedy said…
I can't wait to see the segment. Very cool!
My TiVo is waiting with anticipation for the airing of this segment...
meggielu17 said…
Dear Mr. Robison,

I just finished reading your book and I absolutely LOVED it! I think that a lot of people can relate to it and feel less alone. Good luck with everything!

Polly Kahl said…
Can't wait to see it John, please let us know.
Kanani said…
Either you're really really tall, or she's really really petite.
Kanani, I prefer to think I am standard size, and all the females who appear next to me in photos are petite.
Chumplet said…
I missed the last one. I hope to catch this one. In the meantime I'll review the links in your later post.

Smiling! Who knew?
Drama Mama said…

Uh, is it me, or do you look completely different? Something in your energy and presence. Feeling good?
Drama Mama, I think I doo look different as a result of the TMS. Look at the interviews on the Medill interview post (a week later) and see what you think.

Anonymous said…
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EFMoriarty said…
I am just really, really petite!! (just kidding) That's why i like to stand next to men like John Elder!
John, I definitely want to hear more about the TMS.

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