Fall is the season for car shows

Here's the Range Rover, ready to leave work on Friday afternoon . . .

Three Morgans in a line

The world through Singer headlamps

An old car glows in the late afternoon sun

The classic E-Type coupe. This one came down from Canada.

This twin cam Jag engine is all chrome and glitter

A late model Morgan at dusk

An old MG

These images are all from the British Invasion at Stowe, Vermont. I'm a bit late sorting through all the pictures because I left at 6AM on the last day of the show to begin my west coast tour.

And for those of you in the Boston area . . . stop by and say hello at the Boston University bookstore this Thursday evening.



Jess said…
Woof, John...I'm a sucker for a good MG. They're pretty cheap on craigslist, but I have to stick with my Ford, my parents say, because it's 'safe'.
Polly Kahl said…
Those pictures are gorgeous. They make me want to play with cars.
jess said…
these are mesmerizing photos .. i love the headlights and the morgan at dusk . beautiful
kevathens said…
Really good pictures.. Definitely mesmerizing..
kevathens said…
Ack it's too late to say this, but is it okay if I say Woof to those photos?
Cloudia said…
Aloha and thanks for giving me a few moments to muse on these wonderful machines. I could almost smell the crisp Vermont air.
Enjoy some foliage for me. Even better: photograph some!
Here's wishing you cheddar and cider, Cloudia, Honolulu
Kim Stagliano said…
How do achieve that COLOR??? Gorgeous!
Kim, I have a Thing that I point at the subjects of the photos and it has that effect.

Sometimes it gets too hot to hold, though. You can see that in the photo of the old red Jaguar XKE

That car vaporized moments after the picture was taken.
Polly Kahl said…
That's exactly what I thought, Kim. The first one doesn't even look real. It looks like an airbrushed painting. Gorgeous! Your Thing explains it, John. Shame to waste such a beautiful vehicle but I guess some sacrifices must be made for a good photo.
Man, those cars are so damn sexy. Sometimes the sum of the parts are so much more satisfying than the whole.
piglet said…
i love the photos john and the cars! purrr....
平平 said…


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