Watch me on CBS Sunday Morning tomorrow at 9

They'll be running a story they filmed last summer with me, my brother, and Erin Moriarty.

Stop by here or Facebook and tell me what you think!

According to Erin, it will run just afer 9 Eastern time


Realmcovet said…
Can't wait to watch it!
jess said…
the dvr is set!
Ack! I missed the first bit, but got the rest. It was a very intriguing discussion about memoir vs. biography.

I suppose that's why the word memoir is used. It's based on memories, which can be so different depending on your point of view.

Kudos for Augusten for sticking to his guns.
LizzieK8 said…
I just discovered your book as an audio download at my library! It's downloading as we speak!
Em said…
It was a great piece and very interesting to see the comparison between your view of things and those of Augusten at 8 years younger.
I'm going to give this blog link to a friend of mine - she will be quite interested in this book.

(I need to order my own copy, as well....)

Saw the segment - gave my thoughts on Backspace...
San Diego Mom said…
I missed it, and now cannot find any reference to it on the CBS Sunday Morning website. Where can I find the interview on the Web??
Kat said…
A good piece and you both did a great job!

It made me sad for some reason though. Still can't shake it. Glad you guys have each other.
pixiemama said…
I missed it this morning, but wasn't that on before? I distinctly remember seeing you on TV with your brother asking you about your relationship to your... tractor.
Pixiemama, this piece had never aired before. The tractor interview is on Youtube and Amazon.
San Diego Mom, we should have the story online within a couple of weeks. Stay tuned to the blog and it will appear, or at least a link will appear.
pixiemama said…
Ah... my mistake. The tractor interview was memorable and worth finding, for those who missed it. Sorry I missed you this morning. Perhaps this interview, too, will end up on YouTube.
San Diego Mom said…
I am almost finished with your book, and my reading it has coincided with my 11-year old son's growing curiosity about what it means to have Asperger's. We have known since he was 3, but, in a desire to stay away from labels, we have avoided discussing it outside the family. Of course, we have shared it with teachers and professionals who need to know and have sought out every possible therapy. But I suppose this is the flip side of knowing that you are not alone: when you have a diagnosis, it can stay with you forever. We wanted to give him every chance for a normal life; he is very high-functioning, and can "pass" in many situations. But he is more curious now about the person he is becoming. He wants to know, for example, why he is the only person in the family with this diagnosis (though I believe that his genius IQ computer programmer uncle is not far off the spectrum). My son is socially awkward and has trouble maintaining friendships, though he and we have been blessed with a very patient and understanding set of neighbors and schoolmates who really do their best to accept and encourage him. Your book has been a great help to me as I contemplate my son's future. Thank you. I hope to see you speak here in San Diego someday soon!
evebrown32 said…
Mr. Robison, you are my new hero! Your book has given me hope. My 7 year-old son has suffered through years of the same type of abuse that you mentioned in your book. It gives me new insight into how he thinks and every teacher he ever has will get a copy of your book from me. He has been told so much to "Look me in the eye," that yours was the first book I chose. That title reached out to me and it was the first book that I read. So many of the things he does are exactly things you remembered doing a a child. Especially the part about sleeping under all the pillows and blankets. I have even been suspected of child abuse because he flinches when people come too close and mostly when they try to touch him. You are great and I will follow your blog and once he is old enough he will too, although he can do better on the computer than I can already. Thankyou for sharing I know it must not be easy for you. You are so inspiring!
Thanks for your support . . . you can also find me on Facebook, and @johnrobison on Twitter.


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