Images from the Greenhouse

I have moved my earlier story about Asperger's and black people to my Psychology Today blog to make way for some mid-winter imagery

Every winter, the folks at Smith College's greenhouse put on a show. I like to go over before they open so I can shoot pictures without the distraction of impatient oldsters jabbing me with canes and hungy or bored children eating the plants.

This afternoon, I walked through and shot these images.

I can work the camera, but when it comes to plants . . . I have no idea. Actually, that's not true . . . I can grow them, but I can't tell you what they are by name. My flower-naming skills don't go much beyond dandelion, marigold, tulip, and rose. And none of those fine plants are pictured here.

These are all natural light images. I used the HDR processor in Photoshop to bring out the range of color you see, but nothing is added. The colors are all real.


Kat said…
Stunning! I want notecards.

I think lots of your images would make great notecards. Ever heard of Etsy?
Kat said…
It's an online place to sell handmade items. Notecards from your photos would qualify. I love it! Here is the address

It's a well done and fun site. I spend way too much time and money there.
jess said…
these are staggeringly beautiful, john.

thank you so much for bringing so much incredibly vivid color to an otherwise gray new england morning
Anonymous said…
thank you for that beautiful and inspiring peek into SPRING!
What a treat! These are lovely. Can't believe how vibrant they are!
Thomas Thomas said…
These are beautiful John. Thank You.
Kim Stagliano said…
Impossibly beautiful photographs, John. I'm wowed.
Michelle O'Neil said…
Gorgeous photos John!

I don't know the names of all these plants, but I do recognize foxglove, tulips, and purple wintergreen.
also several varieties of orchid.
Retriever said…
Love these flowers, and fascinated reading your blog (my teenaged son has Asperger's, also possibly his dad and grandfather).

What camera were you using?

Here are some I just took at the New York Botanical Garden's Orchid Show
Robin said…
John, my mother paints florals and these are lovely. I am told I need to acquire permission before using any photos for paintings. I wonder if you would be so kind as to let me send her some of these stunners?
Thanks, Robin

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