The adventure begins

In a little over an hour, I’m off to the Center of the World. I’ll be the keynote speaker for the Seaver Autism Conference at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Then I fly to St Louis, where I take a bus to Columbia, which is known all over the world as the heart of Missouri, and the Gateway to Kansas City.

I’ve joined the modern world since my last road trip. I’ll be Twittering my adventures over the next few days. I'll have photos of freaks and wondrous scenes, and I’ll share them all with you, unless I am arrested and deprived of my electronics.

These conventioneers had no idea what they were gonna get, when they hired me. But they are about to find out, and thanks to the marvel of modern electronics, you can share in the spectacle.

If you are state of the art, you know what to do. If not, there is still time. Go to and register for a free account. Then sign up to follow me @johnrobison Hurry . . . my transport arrives in an hour and the half; the descent begins.

I have to go outside now, to speak to the two bears and the woodchuck who will guard my house while I’m gone.


I wish you would come to Michigan. I'm in the Detroit area and I'd drag out all of my friends who are mothers to Autistic children. (I have my own as well.) How exciting that you are touring all over and speaking all over the country. Very excited for you!
Eric said…
Me too, only in Florida. It's warm, a lot of expatriate New Englanders, and I too have a ton of electronics. And I could use a hand in making some of them work 8).
Amanda said…
Have a great time John, I may even screw up my courage and have a look at this twitter thingy.
Michelle O'Neil said…
Go get 'em John! Hope you taught those doctor types a thing to two!
Robin said…
Are you stopping anywhere in St. Louis or between Columbia and St. Louis?
brian said…
Hey John, Brian here. We talked earlier and you said to shoot you a link to my site? It's

Wish I could've showed up earlier than we did to the discussion. My mother apparently doesn't have a proper concept of time.

BTW: ignore the blogger profile. The site listed there is an old one, I got my own space awhile back.
Michelle, I don't know if I taught them anything, as you say, but I did get some great insights from my visit to their Thompson Center.

Robin . . . the University at Columbia was the only stop

Brian . . . you are indeed a political guy. Best of luck with. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

Polly Kahl said…
HI John, have you tweated? I signed up several days ago and haven't gotten any from you. And have you been getting mine?
KaT said…

As always, I'm a day late and a dollar short! Just finished your book and I found it to be very inspiring. I'm a Mom and my oldest son is on the spectrum. To say that you gave me a light at the end of a long tunnel is an understatement. I've often wondered if I've done all that I can do. In the back of my mind sometimes the answer is yes. You made me realize that he does have all the tools, what he does with them - we shall find out.
This might sound weird or corny but I am so proud of your acomplishments and very excited to hear more about your journey.
sylvia said…
just curious, who guards your business while you're gone?
Sylvia, if I told you I'd have to kill you . . .

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