Three Appearances this week and next . . .

For anyone near Madison, Wisconsin, Lawrence, Massachusetts, or Grand Rapids, Michigan . . .

This Wednesday, I'll be speaking to the Special Education group, Department of Public Instruction for the Wisconsin Public Schools.

Then, on Thursday Sept 24, Join me at Northern Essex Community College from 12:30 to 2. I’ll be in the Louise Haffner Fournier Education Center, 78 Amesbury Street, Lawrence, MA Room LA-101 (White Fund Room) This talk is free and the public is invited.

Finally, on Sept 28, I'll be the keynote speaker for the Michigan Primary Care doctor's association's annual conference. That's in Grand Rapids, MI. Find them online at:

I hope to see some of you this week. I've got quite a few events scheduled this fall and winter. Check the whole schedule at

Are you putting together an event now? Sally Itterly at The Lavin Agency can arrange for me to participate.

See you soon . . .


writeloudly said…
Enjoy your readings John. What parts of the book will you be sharing?
Well, they are not really readings. They are talks with q&a about autism, education, and whatever else comes to mind.
mama edge said…
Where and when in Madison?
State special ed conference, Comfort Inn, E Washington Ave, Madison - 8;30 tomorrow morning.
Juliana Porto said…
How about coming to Brazil?
You´re Welcome!
*m* said…
Hi John -- I just read that the TV show "The Amazing Race" will have a contestant with Asperger's this season. Should be interesting.

My 12-year-old (who has a PDD-NOS diagnosis) and I both enjoyed your book. We look forward to your next one. Hope to hear you speak in our neck of the woods (Central NJ) someday!
Michelle O'Neil said…

I just LOVE that picture of you. Great smile!


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