John Elder Robison on Ingenious Minds

Me, with the camera and sound crew from Discovery Science, Ingenious Minds

The Science Channel show finally aired on Feb 24th. I think they did an excellent job; the production quality of the whole series has been vey high. One of my friends (Bob Jeffway) recorded the INGENIOUS MINDS show and uploaded it here in two parts

And this is the second half

I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.


Thanks so much for this. I had been wanting to see Ingenious Minds, but have been unable to watch the series in real time.
Enlightening show, John. A short but fascinating snapshot of your accomplishments! Karen and I are very impressed. I've shared this story on our private Robinson/Robison group on Facebook by posting Bob Jeffway's links. I've never met Bob but I have lunch with his father just about every Tuesday. Robinson/Robison Family Reunion in Alabama coming up in September!
Unknown said…
I bought your book "look me in the eye" because my stepson, Brandon, is Aspergian. I also caught your show on the Science channel's Ingenious Minds. That led me to your website and I just preordered "be different". I want to thank you for sharing your life with the public because we all need to understand each other better. I'm looking forward to the positive impact your next book has on Brandon's outlook on life and how he interacts with people and how we interact with him. I also posted your website to my facebook page.
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Amy Scanlon said…

I actually have had similar experiences of going from complete inability to read faces to the ability to do so relatively easily in a very short period of time.

I'm not "spectrum" but have a history of CAPD (central auditory processing disorder), which is often misdiagnosed as sever non-hyperactive ADD and/or mild Asperger's syndrome for a reason!!!

In 2007, I actually developed the ability to read people's facial expressions, body language and tones of voice out of the blue and over a period of a few weeks. At the time I was 32 and doing both a form of neurodevelopmental therapy (physical exercises to correct developmental abnormalities in the brain), as well as "The Listening Program" which is sort of a packaged and simplified Tomatis.
Amy Scanlon said…

I have actually had similar experiences to what you describe on the documentary ingenious minds. Basically while doing both a form of neurodevelopmental therapy (physical exercises to correct developmental glithces in the brain) and "The Listening Program"-which is dumbed down Tomatis basically-I ended up experiences a lot of the same things that you described as a result of the TMS.

However, I'm not "spectrum" but have struggled with severe coordination issues and a learning disability called CAPD (central auditory processing disorder): a mercurial sort of auditory/vestibular dyslexia that is OFTEN mislabeled or misdiagnosed as Asperger's and/or severe non-hyperactive forms of ADD for a reason.

In the summer of 2007 at the age of 32, I had an experience where within a few weeks, I developed the ability to read people's facial expressions, tones, body language, and intentions almost overnight.

Fantastic yes?
Anonymous said…
I've been thinking about you lately, wondering about your new book and then I saw a link to this show through the AANE listserv. just watched it; it was fantastic!!

Now I'm going to order Be Different. So exciting, John! Many congratulations!!!
Unknown said…
I really enjoyed your segment. However, I didn't like when the voiceover person said that your work with that brain therapy would make you "a better man". Maybe a better communicator, social interactor but not a better man. ASD has nothing to do with morals, it's out of your control. Not everyone will have access to this new technology so I wish well-meaning people would keep the judgements out of discussions/shows/books on autism.
Unknown said…
Writing again since the first attempt didn't show information about my email identity or follow-up option.

I really enjoyed your segment.
However, I cringed when the moderator said your work with the brain research would make you "a better man".

Since autism is out of people's control, I wish that well-meaning people would keep all judgement language out of the conversation regarding autism. We still have a loooooooooooooooooooong way to go in educating the general public and empowering people with autism.

Not all people will have access to this new high-tech stuff so people should be sensitive.


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