Flooding from Hurricane Irene

Some images of flooding as Hurricane Irene hammers Western Massachusetts with rain last night and today


Susan said…
Thanks, John—this is the clearest news we've seen yet about what is going on in Shelburne Falls and on our main route into Shelburne Falls from Colrain.
By: Kate Nadeau said…
Incredible. I posted about this last night on my blog (and then linked to your blog this morning), such destruction.

Did you take those photos yourself?
Bird said…
Oh my gosh, John, that is amazing and frightening. Thank you so much for posting these photos. I hope everyone is okay over there.
Kate, I take all the pictures you see here unless otherwise noted
Thank you John for the pictures of my once old hometown; I have sent them to others so they might understand that which people have gone through...as compared to gee I can't use my hairdryer cuz my power is out... and the like.

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