A Few Musicians I've Photographed

I started working in music at age 16, when I dropped out of high school and joined a band.

I spent the 1970s building sound equipment, special effects, and custom instruments for musicians.  In the 80s I left the music business to focus on more commercial engineering work.  In the 1990s my brother worked in advertising, and one of his accounts was Nikon.  He got a few cameras out of them, and sent one to me.

That started me on a new interest - photography.  It took me a few years to acquire the skills of the photographer's trade.  By 2000, I had developed my own style, which you can see below.

My brother quit advertising when his book Running With Scissors came out. I was working on cars then, looking for something creative to do . . . 

One of the first places I turned when I went looking for subjects to photograph was the world of music.  Here are a few samples of that work.  

I've remained interested in photography to this day.   I photograph performers of all sorts, in all sorts of places.

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Rick Springfield, with a background of fog

Picking up flowers after the concert.   It's amazing, how many people threw flowers on the stage during the concert

Guitar with the great George Jones

Def Leppard captured in fall, 2000

Clint Black on the outdoor stage

John Sebastian of the Lovin Spoonful plays Do You Believe In Magic?

Cowboy of the Village People turns fifty

Frankie and the Teenagers are still on the road, fifty some years after Why Do Fools Fall In Love?

The view from the monitor console

The Symphony's First Bassist looks out at the audience


Boulder, Rocky Mountain High

Del McCoury and his bluegrass pickers.  I took these photos with a Canon G9 pocket camera, just to see if it could be done


This is Barry Gaudreau of Boston, up close

Jimmy Hopper in fog


Brenda McMahon said…
great photos...just discovered you when looking at lectures at kent state. And I'm familiar with your brother's work. I can't make your lecture, but look forward to hearing your insights in the future. keep on keepin on!
Peg said…
You like to play with the camera, and I like that. The difference between someone who takes pictures and a photographer? About 100 photos of the same thing, and 99 of them tossed out, and the good one saved. I like your perspective on things.
shondle a said…
George Jones is alive.
Thanks . .. I fixed that
Tuna For Life said…
John, thank you for sharing your photos! I am a professional photographer in my spare time and also shoot with Nikon. It's such a wonderful tool to be able to share with others how you view the world. Much like you, I didn't find out that I had Aspegergers until I was an adult. I am 35 now and just found out two years ago. So many pieces of my puzzle fell into place once I found out but it's still a journey. I am going to buy Look me in the Eye this evening and I am looking forward to reading it.

David Lunt
The Toymaker said…
These photos are just lovely. You have a great eye and sense of timing. The colors are wonderful.

Thank you.

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