SWITCHED ON and brain stimulation in Australia

Next week I set out for two weeks in Australia, talking about brain stimulation and the SWITCHED ON story.  I hope to see some of you there!

Friday Sept 2 - Sydney
6PM Welcome dinner for the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Sydney Opera House

Saturday Sept 3 - All over Australia
ABC Radio National - All in the Mind

4PM Festival of Dangerous Ideas opening

Sunday Sept 4 - Sydney
12:00 - My session will be in the Drama Theatre at the Sydney Opera House

Monday Sept 5 - Adelaide
6:30PM Adelaide Writers Week in Conversation with Roy Eccleston
University of Adelaide North Terrace

Tuesday Sept 6 - Melbourne
2:20PM Join me LIVE on Daily Edition television

5PM Autism Awareness workshop at Arena Academy, Docklands, 700 Bourke St

Wednesday Sept 7 Melbourne
8AM ABS News breakfast television with Virginia and Michael

Thursday Sept 8 Melbourne
8:45 Triple R Breakfasters radio - Sarah Smith, Jeff Sparrow, Geraldine Hickey

Saturday Sept 10 Brisbane

11:30 In Conversation - SWITCHED ON Brisbane Book Festival, Aud 1, SLQ

Sunday Sept 11 Brisbane

1PM Building a Better Brain - The Edge SLQ


Cynthia said…
I see you met Dory. Just finished Switched On. Very interesting. Our grandson has been diagnosed with Asperger's, which is a term that's being phased out, I think. He is such an interesting person and I struggle to understand him. He is deeply sensitive and from another planet, somehow. He just turned 14. We hope the best for him, but we just don't know. We just don't know.
Unknown said…
i just finished your book Look Me In The Eye. Such a great insight to help us understand our 14 year old grandson. He is sweet, good hearted, smart, sad, lonely and spends as much time with his Nana and Papa as possible. he is passionate about video games. Girls love him. boys bully him. His school does not stimulate him or prepare him for life. perhaps onky life can do that. a doctor friend of ours who is on the spectrum days that add long as he has a sense if humor he will be ok. i hope he's right. Philip has a sense of humor all right!
Unknown said…
Have you seen the movie Temple Grandin? It's probably at your local library, might be helpful.

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