It snowed all day

so I did get to run the tractor and clear snow. I really like my tractor, a John Deere 4510, but I wish it had hydrostatic drive. I'm always afraid I'll push the shuttle lever the wrong way and run it over something important, like my brother's car or Cubby's 4-wheeler.

If you love machines, you should know about Tractor By Net:

"My tractor" started life as "my father's tractor." Both my father and I grew up with tractors, down in Georgia. Fords and Massey Fergusons. Ever since moving to New England, my father had dreamed of having his own tractor. In the summer of 2004, he finally got one. He bought a brand new Deere from Sirum Brothers, the local dealer, and they brought it to his house July 1st.

He got sick a week later. He died the following spring. The tractor only had six running hours on it, but he had spent countless hours gazing at it, parked outside by the shed, while confined to the house.

You can read the story of my father and his tractor on my brother's web site, Click "other projects" and then "essay by my brother."

Everyone loves a tractor, just as everyone loves a pig race. My brother made friends with Haven Kimmel some years ago, and she came to visit us at our new houses two summers back. He brought her over to my house, and the first thing she wanted to do was drive my tractor. So I let her. She's the only girl that ever visited here and drove the tractor, and it convinced me that all her farm girl stories are undoubtedly true. It was very reassuring.

Everything around me was pretty much shut down by the weather. Our car company closed at 1 o'clock. I went home to work on book editing.


amysue said…
I didn't leave the bedroom all day,let alone the house. John and the kids got some snow fun time in though.

I'd drive your tractor though I'd probably kill it.

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