It's already started . . .

Well, today my book was the "deal of the day" on Publisher's Lunch, and the blog posts started appearing. I was surprised and saddened to see how quickly people were to jump to the conclusion that my book is Running With Scissors redux. Running With Autism, one said . . .

When I approached publishers with my book in January, I was concerned that people would see me as riding my brother's coat tails. I'm sure the connection to my brother got me in the door, but after that, I and my work stood alone.

My brother is published by St. Martins. When choosing a publisher, I interviewed St. Martins, along with eight other houses. With some of the best names in publishing seeking my work, I chose the editorial team that loved it best, the group headed by Steve Ross and Rachel Klayman at Crown.

Every single publishing house I visited made me welcome. I thanked them all for the chance to meet them and have them review my work, and I'll thank them again here.

My brother and I are close - we built homes next to each other - but my book is not a reflection of his, nor does it build on his stories. My experiences, being eight years older, were quite different. And as adults, we followed completely different paths with my brother going into advertising and me joining a band, then becoming an engineer, and finally starting my automobile business.

I hope that coat-tail sentiment passes, though I may have to wait until people can read Look Me In The Eye and make their own comparison.


kristina said…
Dear Mr. Robison, I just wanted to thank you for your kind comment on Autism Vox and for the links to this blog, and to your website. I look forward to reading your book when it comes out.

Kristina Chew

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