Where will you be September 25th, at 7PM?

I know where I’ll be. I’ll be at the Barnes and Noble store at Union Square, in New York City. And if you’re anywhere nearby, I’d love to have you stop by. The store is located at 17th and Broadway.

For Look Me in the Eye’s opening night, my brother Augusten and I will be appearing together. We’ll read a little, tell some stories, talk some, and answer questions from the audience. We will be signing books, articles of clothing, and small to mid-size children, provided they do not bite. Note: we will not be signing pets September 25th. Come to our November 2nd appearance at the Concord Writer’s Festival if you’d like your pet signed.

And on the 26th . . . .

I’ll be appearing at R J Julia Booksellers in Madison, CT. I’ll be by myself for that event, so it’s even more important that you be there to cheer me on!

Kim – you should round up all your friends and bring them to this.

And then . . .

Boston, the Midwest, and the rest of the world, one city at a time. So begins a life of touring. This is when all those frequent flier miles I’ve accumulated on my company Amex card finally get used.

I’ll be listing more events daily. Check the appearances page on http://www.johnrobison.com/ for the latest news. And if you want me to come to your city, have your local bookseller contact Christine Aronson, my publicist at Crown. I can’t come to every city, but I’ll sure do my best to cover the places with the most requests. Details are on my website.


Polly Kahl said…
I hope it's a big B&N John, I bet it's going to be packed!
Chumplet said…
Imagine how your clogged your pen would become if you signed pets.

I wish you could come to Toronto, but I don't know how much influence I have with Chapters/Indigo!
Chumplet, my pen does not get clogged signing pets and children because I use non-toxic spray paint with a fine nozzle.

It's non-contact signing.

My brother describes how I learned it in Possible Side Effects.
kristen said…
Oh, I want to be there...it is a big B&N, very big, in fact. Also, RJ Julia? The cream of the crop. I'm so happy for you John. I'll catch you at one or the other.
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Thanks for stopping by the blog. I'm kinda far away from NYC, but if you ever make it to Denver, I'll come meet you. You can sign my husband.
Sex Scenes, watch the schedule on johnrobison.com I'll probably get to Denver this winter.
kyra said…
that is so exciting! i wish i could be there.
Kyra, are you in Rhode Island or Northampton now? I'll be coming close to Rhode Island late this fall, and I'll be reading in the Amherst/Northampton area several times. Hope to see you at one.

Check the schedule on my website for updates.
Polly, Union Square is the flagship Barnes and Noble, and the last time my brother was there he drew a few thousand people.
Kim Stagliano said…
John, I'll do my best! I'd love to come into the city but not sure on that one. But I'll get to Madison. With posse of autism Moms. :)
The Anti-Wife said…
If you get to Seattle, I'll be there!
Polly Kahl said…
I am so there, and if possible with my delightful Aspergian brother in tow.
Michelle O'Neil said…
You're going to knock it out of the park!

I hope you come to Cleveland!

Like you, it rocks.
irene said…
I can make no guarantees but it's in my calendar! Is there a limit to the number of kids?
Irene, are you asking if there's a limit to the number of kids I'll sign, or a limit to the number of kids the B&N will admit?

Michelle, I'll try to reach Cleveland. There's a story about playing Cleveland in my book. I hope you like it.

Anti-wife, how could I skip you and Seattle? You have one of the most unique names in blogdom, and I have to see it for myself. You and Sex Scenes at Starbucks are the uniquest.

And Polly, just tie him up and bring him in if he resists. Even if he yells, it will be loud there anyway.
Tena said…

Hope you'll make it to Chicago. Ignore all that junk about Midwesterners vs East Coasters on The Rejector blog. We're nice people, really.

I'm just thrilled for you. Would love to meet you in person. I may actually drive to Milwaukee if you're not coming to Chi.
Matty said…
I think I may even make the trip to Madicson CT. If just to make sure Kim S doesn't bring cake!
;-) Of course if there is enough for me I MAY let it slide.

Man, you are always getting a blog post out. I have to be more focused obviously. I hevn't got on since end of June and then got 3 posts in today. Promise to be better. Great stuff John!
Karen L. Alaniz said…
Hi John- I'm all for Seattle too. It's a five-hour drive but if I know ahead of time, I can make it work. I'd love to come. University Village has a B&N. Do you have a mailing list? I was just reading about that in my marketing book. If you do, I'd love to be on it.

I'll be in labor (or close to going into it) on the 26th, and MIA for 3 months afterward, so I'll miss your tour. But I will definitely be buying/reading your book while on maternity leave.
susannah said…
hi john!

i will catch you in madison.

good luck.
furless pets? still a no?

okay. will have to measure my children--I do believe one breaks the mid-size requirement--but we'll hope to see you in Boston.

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