Another neat radio show

I had another neat radio experience today, this one on the Internet. I did what was supposed to be a 1-hour call in show with Tricia Kenney on Blogtalk Radio. However, some other guests called in and joined the show, and it ran to two hours in a really remarkable production. I hope you like it, and tell me what you think:

I will await your thoughts . . . .


Sharon said…
I listened to what was played lived. I really liked the program. Without knowing that the three (or was there 4?) of you had any form of autism, I would not have been able to guess. You sounded as most, nerdy or geeky. ;)

I really appreciate hearing more from people who have ASD and not just their parents. I have 2 boys with autism but do not have it myself except for some characteristics. So I do understand a bit of what they are going through but need to learn so much more.

Today my younger son and I were playing catch with a juggling ball. He found a second and decided to throw it as I threw the first. He actually caught better and threw better when there were 2 balls rather than one. Amazing!
Eric said…
Thank heavens for Itunes! I missed the telecast, but was just able to download it. So nice to hear you speak, it adds a new dimension to your blogs and writings. What a joy. The greatest thing for me has been to be able to put my childhood traumas and experience into a new perspective now that I know about my Aspergers. Having you as our voice out there is doing so much good for all who celebrate life with Aspergers

I don't know if you do any focus in your talks on bullying and/or the bullycide tragedies that have come up in the news all too recently; I often wonder how many of these incidents are connected with a child living with Aspergers, or any other Autistic spectrum disorder. I know that it was a sad part of my life, and I pray that this issue will get more and more into the forefront of any discussions and talks about life with this amazing part of our lives. Thank you again for all that you are doing, it has been a great release for me to know that there are more of us out there.

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