Check out this illustrated audio clip from Be Different

In my last post, I wrote about making the audio. In this post, you can follow this link and listen to the result.

For my last book, Random House made a widget that played a clip from the audio book. I always wanted images to go with the audio, though, and that's what we have done for Be Different. Alex Plank took the audio and 100+ images from my past and combined them to make a wonderful ten minute video.

There are pictures of me an my mom, when I was just a few days old. Me and my dad camping, and on my grandpa's tractor. At the Mulberry Tree Nursery School, with the kids you met in Look Me in the Eye. You'll see me with KISS, and on my motorcycle, at 18, and with Cubby when he was little. The images continue right up to the present day. It's a remarkable piece of work and I can't thank Alex enough for making it.

You can pre-order Be Different here. The link has hardcover, Kindle, and audio CD editions listed. An audio download link to Audible and iTunes will be put up soon.

I hope you like it.


Jenni said…
I grew up listening to audio books. I had a lot of trouble sleeping as a kid and a walkman and books on tape were awesome! Long car trips were just a chance to listen to an entire book.
You sound really good! I always liked it when the author read their books. Congrats on the book, and the audio book and all your awesome hard work!
Jenni said…
Also, I've been seeing commercials for that show Ingenious minds and I totally saw you! Just thought that was cool; but you already knew you're cool!

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