College Bound in Fayetteville, Georgia

Are you in Georgia, yearning for an autism conference, unsure which of the many you should attend?  Tonight, I have the answer.

Please join me at the College Bound Conference in Fayetteville (south of Atlanta) on Saturday, March 2nd  Follow this link for registration and more information.

This conference comes two days after the Georgia Autism Conference at the Gwinnett Convention Center (north of Atlanta) where I spoke last spring.

Some people have written to ask if I will be at the Gwinnett conference, but I will not.   I know it’s confusing, having two autism conferences days apart in the same city, but there it is.  It’s like being in a park, finding two dogs, and wondering which one to take home, if either.

When I was a kid in Georgia, we knew all about that kind of trouble.  Our dogs lived under the porch for that very reason.

Last year’s GA Autism Conference was a huge event, with 750 people in two auditoriums.  I had a great time, and I was honored to be invited, but the event was too big for much of any personal engagement.  The College Bound Conference promises to be a much more intimate affair, with perhaps 100 participants and much more one on one interaction.  If you missed that last year, please join me next week in Fayetteville.

If you are already planning to come to the Gwinnett conference, consider staying an extra day to join us as well.  I promise to be colorful, personable, and possibly insightful.  What else could you expect from a former Georgia kid, with dogs under his porch?


Rich@rcantrell said…
Love and enjoy the words you choose to express your thoughts. Been a blog and book follower. Recently retired from education but continue sharing your name with parents, teacher, and new friends. Your comments are always so refreshing. Thank you and continue sharing your story.
GretaCargo said…
I like the dog selection analogy...very creative thought from Georgia culture.
amanda said…
Great blog, an inspiration. I am a big fan of yours, loved your book, 'Look Me In the Eye'. It was one of the first books I read when my son was diagnosed. I also see striking similarities in the relationship between you and your brother and my autistic son and my youngest son. It's really remarkable!! Thank you and keep on writing!!
Gram Suz said…
Woof! God Bless you,I just finished you book,LMITE,you made me cry and laugh!So much I want to say,I'm glad your enjoy life now!
Suzanne Tiberio(Gram Suz)
Elizabeth:) said…
I am a sophomore at Caledonia High School. In my Accelerated English II class I was assigned to do a book report on a biography. My younger brother has Aspergers, so I was inspired my book. I have to do a tote bag presentation in front of my class. During this presentation, I have to present 10 items that represent your life Mr. Robison. Are there ten items that you would want to represent yourself with? Thank you for opening my eyes to the way my brother processes things. It has really allowed me t see him in a different light.

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