An Unexpected Honor

Thanks to the folks at Babble.Com for naming this blog their top autism blog of 2013

John Elder Robison, age 6, in the trees outside the Cathedral of Learning, Pittsburgh

I'm honored that they chose me, especially since I see so much good writing out there in our community.  Who'd have guessed?

They said:  John Elder Robison is one of our favorite writers, and that has nothing to do with his Asperger Syndrome. The fact that he offers tremendous insight into the minds of autistic children is the icing on the cake. Often funny and always thoughtful, he writes about parenting, his personal adventures, and commentary on autism-related news.

In other news, I am honored by this story from New England Public Radio, talking about the school we've opened to teach the Automobile trade to young people with autism and other developmental difficulties.

Really I owe the most thanks to all of you, and my wife, family and friends, for supporting and encouraging me on this journey.  And to the Imperial War Pug for being there to calm me when needed.

Best wishes


forsythia said…
The honor is well-deserved. Autism is a mystery to me, but your writing shades some light on the subject.

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