The explosion of autism awareness, thousands of new diagnoses, and the emergent neurodiversity movement create myriad challenges and opportunities for business, government, public schools, colleges and universities.  As a recognized leader in the autism/neurodiversity community I am ready to help your institution meet those challenges head on while recognizing and seizing the many opportunities autism acceptance may present.
Autism at Work - SAP Palo Alto, CA 2017

I have had the honor of assisting in the development of neurodiversity and autism at work initiatives at numerous large corporations, including SAP, Edison, and Northrup Grumman.  As co-chair of the neurodiversity group at William & Mary I've been part of the first neurodiversity program at a major American neurodiversity.  I have brought that message to over a hundred other schools all over the world.  In addition I've worked to raise awareness in primary and secondary schools and in government.  

Primary and secondary school districts and state departments of education have retained me to build neurodiversity awareness and develop more successful educational policies for students with neurological differences.  I've done the same with many public and private universities and colleges.
My intro for the annual Autism Lecture at the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
in Atlanta, GA
  • As a successful adult with autism I have a unique first-person perspective. I see autism and diversity related issues from the inside.  I combine that view with my autistic way of thinking to find unique and innovative solutions.
  • My books, articles, and lectures have made me one of the most widely known autistic authors and speakers in the world.  That recognition and respect opens many doors when I go to work.
  • As a committee member for the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control, and the National Institutes of Health I am at the cutting edge of science, education, and policy formulation.
  • My service for private foundations gives me particular insight into the future of ASD services as delivered through schools and the health care system. I’m on top of the latest news in autism science, treatment, and policy. 
  • My connections to business and academic leaders, advocacy groups, scientists, educators, and government put me in a unique position to connect my clients with the best possible people and resources.
  •  Thirty-plus years experience in business has given me a sense of what works, what doesn’t, and how to get things done.
  •  My ability to speak out in the media and through my writing gives me the ability to promote the organizations I work with and spread the news of their achievements and accomplishments  
Can I be of service to you?  Feel free to pass my name along to a colleague in need, or contact me to discuss your own organization’s needs.  I’m


I loved your book Look Me in the Eye. By the way I can wiggle both ears at the same time or alternating one to another.

My 21 year old daughter is autistic and gifted/talented and a junior at University of Notre Dame.

I volunteer as a parent for Notre Dame's emerging (in infancy stage) program for college students with ASD. I look forward to reading more of your blog and hopefully conversing about "changing the world as opposed to changing ASD humans."

Your story inspired my son (not on the spectrum) to build his own guitar.

Rob Tracy
Unknown said…
Thanks for this great post. Children with ASD cannot control their emotions and have trouble in understanding what the other person is thinking. School play an important role to help the children out.Happy to see that autism schools are taking necessary steps to minimize the effects.
Ben Mitchell said…
Dear John

My name is Ben Mitchell and I am the publisher of a new neurodiversity journal called Divergents Magazine, a community of atypical writers, artists and thinkers who fearlessly share our experience and perspective without the patronizing filter of any neurotypical "experts."

As a ADHD and dyslexic educator, I have great respect for your work, and I would like to list you in our friends section.

Also, we are looking for writer and artists to share their work through our site. If you know any folks who might be willing to share some of their work with us, I would welcome the chance to read it.

Either way, keep up the good work.

You friend,

Ben Mitchell
Divergents Magazine

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