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Christmas, 2007

New York in December

A trip to New York, winter arrives, and my bear killing wife

From the mailbox . . . a letter and poem from a dad

Asperger's and autism are everywhere, it seems

Me in The New York Times, upcoming events, and other interesting stuff

News of the week - The Elms, Lincoln Sudbury High, Billy the Kid, and more

Billy the Kid - an Aspergian movie you should see

Predators, autographed caps, and The Elms event tomorrow

Welcome to Barbour County, Alabama

Some thoughts on empathy

I'm a Kindle bestseller today.

Our future is in the hands of the young Aspergians, and today you'll hear from one . . . in his own words * And a reminder about tomorrow's appearance

A night at the Tattered Cover

And now, the news from Denver

And now, some words from the Australians

Tomorrow . . . a blog contest to win a copy of Look Me in the Eye and a night with John Sebastian and Ernie and the Automatics

News flash!

My next book, and Making Records from Phil Ramone, and a TV interview

Paragliders over Mount Tom

Ace Frehley playing one of my KISS guitars

Childhood pictures and a reading in Lowell

Peace and quiet in the woods, lawn care, and books

Audience questions, and the Treatment Online Interview

Appearance tonight, the Dutch edition of Look Me in the Eye, public radio and more

Radio and relativity


A sweet children's story