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Reflections on 2020

    December 13 - It’s hard to believe 2020 is coming to an end. In Decembers past I sometimes assembled photos of places I’d visited.  Prior to the pandemic, I spent a dozen years on the road, sometimes traveling 120,000 air miles in a year. This January started like many others.  We spoke at some events in Florida, and Cubby came along to visit the alligators at Wakulla and my aunt and uncle from Cairo, GA: This year, it all came to a stop.   It was early March when I took my last trip. Covid was in the news every day, and borders were closing.  But there was no sense of trouble when I flew to Florida for the Amelia Island car show.  I had a job to do – @RobisonService had a Ferrari and a Corvette entered in the Bonham’s auction, and I went to represent them.   In the few days before the show, everything changed.  Amelia is a big show and a lot of people fly in to attend it.  Our borders closed, and Europe was already locked down.  Hotel rooms were suddenly empty.  At the show field,

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