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Thoughts on Writing

  It has been 45 years since I first got the idea of writing things people would notice. The first things I wrote were descriptions of electronic circuits I had designed – how they worked and what they would do. I did not have the literary skills of an author, but I had technical competence and a decent command of language.     Most of all, I had a gift for explaining things in ways others could understand.     I did not realize it at the time, but those first missives were instrumental to success in my career in electronics. No one paid me for my writing, but it was my written words that brought me the work that sustained me.  Even when my work spoke for itself I still had to write notes and proposals to get more.  In the mid 1980s I had moved into “executive” jobs where I was a manager, not a technical person, and it seemed like much of what I did was write and attend meetings, where things I had written about were discussed. In hindsight, I see the ability to write clearly was very

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