I'll be appearing this Saturday . . .

At the Celebration of Celts, http://www.celebrationofcelts.com/ at the Meadowgreens Golf Club on Route 9 in Ghent, New York.

The celebration is a 2-day Celtic heritage festival.

I've been a sponsor of the classic car show there for a few years. This year, in addition to showing cars, I'll be reading from my book. Come by and visit! It may be your only chance to see me wearing the kilt.

I'll be reading in the author's tent just after lunch.

It's 2 hours from Boston. Take the Mass Pike to Route 9, then go south for about 10 minutes. The course will be on your left.

It's also about 2 hours from New York, coming up the Taconic Parkway or Route 9.

I hope to see you there.


David L. McAfee said…
I wish I still lived in Rochester. I'd certainly stop by. Let me know if you are coming to Tennessee anytime soon.
David, I will be doing a national tour. The tour dates, festival appearances, and media appearances will be announced in the Appearances section of www.johnrobison.com
Holly Kennedy said…
Are you planning to do any touring in Canada for LOOK ME IN THE EYE? I hope so. We often get forgotten up here.

Tell your publicist Albertans are the best, as are the Rockies, and if they could squeeze in a reading in Calgary, you could take in some fresh mountain air on your exhausting tour journey, which is sure to make you more creative for future books! *lol*
kyra said…
i used to live five minutes from Ghent. sounds like a great event.

i'll be checking to see when you come near us!
Drama Mama said…
San Francisco welcomes you. And your kilt. Stop by on that tour of yours! Do!
Lisa said…
I hope you'll have Denver on your tour. Congratulations on Look Me in The Eye. I enjoyed your essay on Augusten's website.
Well, keep the suggestions coming. I'll pass them on to the publicity staff at Crown, with whom I'll plan the reading tours.

I'll do my best to get to all of you, but it may take a while.
Jerri said…
Kansas City has a wonderful independent bookstore that sponsors many author events, Rainy Day Books. The owner, Vivian Jennings, is a champion of good books.

If you make it to KC, I'll be there with lots of friends.
Jeri, when I clinked your blue blog link, there's no blog. Where are you?

Anyway, Kansas City and all the rest . . . I guess the more books people order, the more places I'll go . . . I hope to see you all.

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