Appearance tonight, the Dutch edition of Look Me in the Eye, public radio and more

Come see me tonight at Northshire Books in Manchester, Vermont! 7PM reading and signing, and the spectacle will be the finest to be found, in all of Vermont.

I answer quite a few questions on the blog, but some things are better said verbally. That's why I'll be on Public Radio at 9AM Eastern Time on Tuesday, October 30. I'll be on Wisconsin Public Radio with Joy Cardin. You can find her online here:

Listen live on the web here: and call 1-800-642-1234 with your questions.

And in foreign news . . .

I’m pleased to announce that we’ll have a Dutch edition of Look Me in the Eye for summer 2008. It’s coming from Arena,

Here’s a quote from my Dutch editor . . . .

"It's no secret that I fell in love with this book several months ago! This book is very special in so many ways: John's voice is unique, as well as his descriptions of his youth, his brother (the Varmint), his career with Kiss, Unit Two of course, and how he copes with Asperger's. LOOK ME IN THE EYE was an eye opener for me, and it still is. We are . . . delighted to add John Elder Robison to our list, where we will publish his book as one of our main titles for Summer 2008.

There have been quite a few novels about Asperger's recently, but what makes this book special is the fact that it is NOT fiction, but an inspiring book which makes you laugh and cry at the same time. As I wrote in my original letter: a very impressive book!"

Shortly after getting the news about the Dutch edition, I learned that we've also got a Brazilian publisher, for a spring 2009 release. More on that later, from Larousse Do Brasil.


Jan said…
Sun is shining in Manchester and it is beautiful Fall day - looking forward to ending the day at Northshire! I hope you have a good crowd.
Michelle O'Neil said…
Congrats John! ....and be careful with the "Brazilian." I hear those really hurt.
Still holding my breath for November in Denver...
Polly Kahl said…
Hard to believe you could find new ways to top yourself, but somehow, you manage. Congrats again!
Polly Kahl said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
HankPym said…
Hi , I am an Aspie , w/an age not unlike John's (47) .
I was only diagnosed recently .
I am homeless , in San Francisco , CA .
I'll say more later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ORION said…
Hey john! Take a look at arena's november catalogue! Recognize anyone?
Sex Scenes, I'm not going to be out there for two weeks. You better staart breathing regular. If you don't you won't be able to talk to me because you'll be gasping so haard.

Orion . . . did they change him any for the Dutch? I would think Perry might be moved from place to place to be "locally relevant" but do they do that in novels? The other thing I wonder is, how do we know? I can't read a word of it!

Hank, I'm sorry to hear you're homeless. I have not been that way for quite a while myself. And I did not like it.
sandegaye said…
Hi John! Just finished your book.. & enjoyed it tremendously.
Your thoughtful words and stories will do so much to enlighten the world about Aspergians & their unique gifts. Thank you for sharing!
HankPym said…
...Test post ( I had so much trouble signing into Google...
HankPym said…
...)...Okay , it worked .
Thank you , John .
I first reqad of you when I got your brother's book , when in came out in mmp .
I thought of you , how you'd achieved things .
I'm a touch suprised you'd been HL , but I guess the book will detail...
I'm diabetic ( Adult onset ) , had 1/2 of a toe amputated earlier this year , am fully HL at this time ( Outside ) . I just have generic glasses , tho I should have perscription glasses ( Three of my four grandparents , IIRC , had glaucoma . ) . I've been having swelling in the same foot the toe was amputated from .
I was raised on the East Coast , in Westchester County , NY . My parents are dead .
My younger brother is still alive , he is diagnosed both retrded and autistic , comes across as " for real " those ways , he's in a ( Very nice - seriously , my parents set up a trust fund for him to stay there ) group home in Westchester . I haven't seen him for ten years , tho we speak - briefly , he's very child-like . - on the phone .
I post at charity places , the library , etc.
HankPym said…
...Last comment 4 now .
I'm sorry if I said " Aspie " when you prefer " Aspergian " .
It's funny , how within a subculture there will be different opinions upon what phrase to use !
Perhaps that was a " start-off-on-the-wrong-foot " choice of word(s) .
I'm word-oriented , not mechanically-oriented .
My teeth are in awful shape , I look totally " bum "-like .
Well - realistically speaking - I am .
ORION said…
No changes- it really does translate well from country to country - everyone has a word for lottery and everyone has a word for mental challenge- in fact the simple language I used make translation easier...
Pardon me Hank, but what do you mean by "HL?"
HankPym said…
...Okay , I came back to look , and saw you...Homeless .
HankPym said…
...Okay , one more...Assuming my AS-ness is accurate , unlike what that Trib reviwer , Royko ( He related to Mike Royko ????????? )said...They're pestering me 2 give the computer 2 someone else , so , must go 4 now !
Hank, I was homeless for short periods in my late teens, when my family had fallen apart and I'd left home.

I resolved not to end up on the street again and so far, I've succeeded, but boy, it's been hard some times.

As to Royko . . . he is the son of the other Royko, the Pulitzer winner. He actually wrote me a nice letter in addition to his review.
and the spectacle will be the finest to be found, in all of Vermont

Your bring the neighborhood bear with you to the event. Now that's a spectacle. We have bears here in Tennessee, you should visit.
hanuiepeim said…
...I'm the same HankPym , I jusyt can't seem to sign in , and this library is near closing...
Yes , i saw your reference to teenage HLness before now .
I see you recognized the abbreviation " mmp " ( Mass market Paperback ) !
I got back from SF General hospital ( What medical care I am able to get is , generally , good . )
With my blood sugar level and my diabets , they want me to have an eye test , retinas checked . My BS level'd been way high . Being HL , it gets hard...
My AS-ness may express itself in ways other than being mechanical , or good at math .
Congrats on the foreign editions, John. May they be the first of many.

I've been reading your book in snippets while breastfeeding my son. It's taking me a while since I have so little free time with a newborn in the house, but one of the things I think is so cool about your story is learning that you actually helped design several of my favorite electronic toys from when I was a kid in the early 80s. I had a Simon and a Dark Tower game! They were among my favorite toys at that age. So I can honestly say that you touched my life as both a child AND as an adult. That's pretty damn cool.
HankPym said…
...I apologize for the " Testing " , but I have had real problems !!!!!!!!!
I don't know if I am entirely irony- and sarcasm-free , tho Royko sez so .
My parents were jpournalists , English majors , had a lot of reading matter around...Perhaps that's it .
I wouldn't say I am without snobbery , either !
I never really went to college , don't have a BA/disn't graduate...I have been attempting to try to go to SF City College , but , money angle aside , my records/past grades are uniquely screwed up/semi-lost , back east , in addition to which , being HL , I can't , really , make phone calls or receive them...Too , I really need to rest , to try and stabalize my foot , and sugar level , and figure out what to do !
Can't do that , when HL .
I won't , barring new developments , post in this line again .

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