News from my other job

Yesterday I arrived at my other job – operating Robison Service, our car company in Springfield – to find a letter from the General Counsel’s office of Porsche Cars , North America.

Small business owners have learned to be wary of letters from Counsels General, as they usually involve trademark violations, libel allegations, class action lawsuits, or other Bad Things.

With some trepidation, I opened it.

And I read . . . .

How the writer loved my book, especially the parts where I talked about my love for old Porsches. I also read that the writer was surrounded by Aspergians, and she anxiously awaited the release of my next book.

Look Me in the Eye has touched so many people. It’s just the most remarkable thing.

It makes me proud to be an Aspergian.


Margaret said…
I'm proud to call you my son.
Polly Kahl said…
What a hoot! And so touching, too. I like the last line the best.
That's so cool! Congratulations
Diane said…
Your varied interests remind me so much of my 5-year-old. He is falling between the cracks of ADHD and Asperger's. Today the psychologist who is evaluating him said the lack of his hyper focus on one subject is what is keeping her on the side of ADHD.
But you are like he, so talented and knowledgeable in many many things. I fear a misdiagnoses more than I fear the Asperger's. Such beautiful, creative minds you both have. So powerful and unlimited your possibilities.
Karen L. Alaniz said…
Hi John- I just watched the CBS interview. You did a great job! Will you ever make it to the Pacific Northwest? I'm still hoping you will!

Karen, my publicist is looking into west coast dates now. I will let you know what develops
ORION said…
I love letters from readers.

Way to go John!
Anonymous said…
wow! that's great!

i'm just at this part in your book--the part where you find the Porsche in the Private Preserve For Kids. LOVE the book !! LOVE IT!!
Maprilynne said…
Wow! As such a vehicle enthusiast, that letter must have been such a blast to receive. Congrats!!
Holly Kennedy said…
Great stuff, John.
You are a kind, gentle giant with the sort of instant likeability that can be found on every page of your book. I'm not surprised by your success. Not one bit.

- said…
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Rhonda said…
What is it about your story that makes me choke up and start to cry?....*gulp*
Rhonda, perhaps there's goldenrod pollen on the pages of your copy. Try blowing it off with compressed air. Good thing it's not poison ivy, eh?
Piglet said…
as you should be proud to be aspergian :) and a damn funny one too!
Kim Stagliano said…
I love the comment from your Mom. You may borrow one of our family songs that I sing to mhy kids: "I'm proud, I'm proud! I'm very very proud! I'm very very proud of my Miss (we say our names here.) You could substitute, ...proud that I'm a writing Aspergiiiiiii-an! There. Sing your heart out.

We're still in Disney. I will blog the lost child in the 2000 room hotel when we arrive home.

Kim, it's nice to hear from you down south. I trust you recovered the lost child, or did you simply secure a similar unit from kid lost and found?

You just hear so many stories; people go to Florida with three kids and come back with two and then you read about the families that go with one and return with three.

And of course in a place like that some of the kids are turned into stones, or even dogs. If I were a kid, I'd stay clear of any Magic Kingdom for that very reason.
2ForTheRoad said…
Wow it must have been great to receive that letter! We have a Porsche 993 and a 5-year-old Aspergian at our house. They both drive me INSANE ("Where's Sane, Mommy, and how long will it take us to drive there?"). Never a dull moment, eh?
I just finished your incredible book. It's given me so many insights into my son and his way of experiencing. We're pretty hard on each other right now; I just want to find the best way(s) to make him feel safe being who he is, and to get past our current mutual frustration. It's a work in progress - like an old Porsche I guess.

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