News that you can use, provided you live in Western Massachusetts

I’ll be reading and signing books in my home town tonight. 7 PM at Food For Thought Books in Amherst. Come early as this is a small store and it’s probably going to be crowded.

Those of you who have already read Look Me in the Eye may particularly appreciate this event because a number of characters from the book will be in evidence in the crowd and you may be able to pick several out. Most will be friendly.

In addition, you will be able to see and examine faculty from the Amherst School system and the University of Massachusetts, the two institutions from which I received what little education I have.

And next Thursday I’ll be appearing at Elms College in Chicopee to kick off their new graduate program in autism/Asperger’s. Elms is a teacher’s college serving Western Massachusetts. I will be speaking to students, educators, and mental health professionals in the afternoon followed by a reception and public reading and book signing at 7. All are welcome.

The Odyssey Bookstore will have books at the Elms.

The Elms appearance will be unique because we’ll talk about the school programs in addition to the book, and the need to address diversity and special needs education in our schools. I will also announce a new scholarship program in furtherance of that goal.

And that’s not all . . . .

For all you Longmeadow and Connecticut residents . . . I’ll be at the Suffield Library at the beginning of November

And I’ll be back home at Amherst Books at the beginning of December


Wendy said…
John- I spoke to my son's first grade teacher (Brookwood Forest Elem. in Mountain Brook, AL) and she said that the school would love to have you come and speak for the educators in their school system. I know your schedule is hectic right now, but do you think you could ever make it down here in the next few months? Our school system is very serious about attending to the needs of those students within the spectrum of autism/aspergers and would greatly welcome your speaking to them.
Piglet said…
i listened to the diane rehm interview on podcast this week and you made me laugh so much!

i busted out laughing at the part when diane asks you what your parents thought about you playing tricks on augusten. you give the background that your parents were caught up in their own hardships so you and augusten went feral. i've never heard a more clear and concise description to what happens to many of us.
Yes, Piglet,"going feral" kind of sums it up . . .
Wendy, my speaking engagements are booked through the Lavin Agency. It's possible that I could come down there and speak to a group of schools or a school association. Give them a shout.
Wendy said…
John- Thank you so much for responding to my last comment. I have left a voicemail and forwarded an email to Sylvia Harper, Director of Special Education, for the Mountain Brook City School System. I really hope we can get you down here to Birmingham, so that you can help educate the friends, family members, and teachers of children with Aspergers. Thanks so much for caring enough to make a difference!
Piglet said…
loved this video of you two, you always make me giggle whether you intend to be funny or not.

watching you and augusten together reminds me how similar i feel to augusten and how much you are like my husband. i'm naive and would have fallen for the detroit fairy too.

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