And now, the news from Denver

I flew in to Denver yesterday. Boy, was that a long flight! As is often the case on those four and five hour confinements, everything started well but things fell apart over Kansas. People began pacing the aisles, raving, and doing unspeakable things in the rest rooms. One left the plane in shackles, with spots in the aisle to mark his progress.

Drunks, babies, and certain kinds of entertainers. . . all can have trouble on commercial aircraft. And that is why the jet charter industry is booming.

When we landed the media escort was all bright and cheery, and the law had their eyes focused elsewhere as we slipped out of the airport and onto the road to Denver. We drove directly to NBC Channel 9, where I did a lunchtime interview that will air today (Thursday.)

I also gave a long interview to 88.5 Community Radio. After that, I did a really good 1-hour program with Colorado Public Television, Channel 12. I believe that will air on a Wednesday in mid December and we'll have it online as well.

I'm staying in the Brown Palace Hotel, which is famous for hosting livestock in the lobby. To my great disappointment there were no cattle here when I arrived. I did admire the broad and gentle staircases ascedting to the ninth floor atrium roof, but it would have been so much better if there'd been horsemen riding the stairs. I guess I arrived too late.

This morning I've done a program for the Clear Channel radio stations in Colorado, and I'll be on the mid-day news on Channel 7.

I hope all of you in driving distance of Denver will come to my appearance at the Lodo Tattered Cover tonight at 7:30. I'll be heading home Friday morning.

Back in New England, I'll be appearing Sunday at Barnes & Noble stores in Hadley (MA), Holyoke (MA) and Enfield (CT) as part of WGBY's Public Television Book Fair. Read more at


Karen L. Alaniz said…
At the risk of sounding like a broken record...I sure do wish you could come to the Pacific Northwest! Could you tell your "people" that? Hahaha!

Loving the book John!

Drama Mama said…
Sigh. John. Come out West. Please.
Polly Kahl said…
How are you holding up with all these traveling and media commitments, John? Sleeping in strange beds and being shuffled around can be tiring. And how are you getting any writing done? Do you adhere to a schedule? Take care.
Tena said…
I haven't left many comments lately but I've been following you around, living vicariously.

What an interesting flight! The writer in me envies you.
Sarah Hina said…
Do you tire of answering the same questions every time, John? Or do they vary it up a bit?

I always imagine these interviews must be akin to politicians giving the same stump speech over and over again. But hopefully I'm wrong.

And hey, at least they probably have good snacks. ;)
ORION said…
Hey John! LA book festival!
Karen and Drama Mama . . . I want to get out west but we did not have any luck setting up events before Christmas. I'll keep you posted.

Polly, I have a lot of energy and I'm holding up surprisingly well.

Tena, thanks for stopping by. When you're on a plane where many of your fellow passengers belong in cages, not seats, "interesting" is not necessarily the first adjective that comes to mind.

Sarah, there are always new questions so I don't get tired.

Orion, I will ask again about the festival.

Church Lady said…

No! No! Come *SOUTH* please!!!! To the D.C. area!!

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