I'm a Kindle bestseller today.

I wonder what it will mean for printed books. I suspect I'll continue to prefer the look and feel of a traditional book, but what about the younger generation? Some of todays kids have grown up doing 99% of their reading on a computer screen. There have been several electronic books so far. . . one of them is going to take off. Is this the one? We'll see.

If you decide to buy one, be sure and test it by ordering my book first.


niknak said…
Congratulations on being a Kindle bestseller! I read your printed version last week while on vacation for our 10 year anniversary. Read it in practically one sitting, stopping only to eat.

My son who has an NVLD diagnosis is just like you were when you were a child. He is 7 years old now. I think Aspbergers might fit the bill better for him now that I have read your book. Maybe you could eyeball him when we come see you speak in Framingham on Dec 6! See if he has the "Aspberger's look" you described earlier. We saw a geneticist recently who after spending approximately 20 seconds with two of my children, told me that one definately was not on the Autism Spectrum (he has a speech delay), and that the other (the one with NVLD) might be. I do not have the gift of being able to discern "the look," which might explain why it has taken me until my son is 7 years old to figure this out. I just thought he was a quirky genius who reads over 100 pages a night and who looks at Solarbotics.com for fun. Has a Christmas list filled with capacitors, switches, wires, and such to create some-sort-o-bot. He's really cute!

Anyway, hope you like Metrowest when you get here. I have also lived in the Berkshires (Lenox) and loved it there. The first two of my four children were born there.

One last note: we go to one of the best public schools in the country. However for a child with a profile with extreme intelligence as well as difficulties, schools in Massachusetts tend to focus on the special needs rather than the special talents. You were lucky to have your father tinker with you in your workshop in the basement. I have to find some way to stimulate my son's overactive brain so that he can realize his talents as you did.

God bless you, Mr. Robison
Jen P said…
Call me old school but my eyes cross when I read e-books for long periods of time! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a lot of perspective.
Kim Stagliano said…
Hmmm, I'm old. I equate the e-book with Inflatable Ursula. Close, but no cigar.....
Kim, I can't imagine that you would equate a Kindle and an inflatable doll.

They are totally different.

One is ready to use, the other requires inflation. One is reversible, the other only works one way. One can download new content via phone link, the other must be manually fed new content.

I hope you see how different they are.
Church Lady said…

I hope all versions of your book do well. I still prefer the feel of the paper.

I have two sons who do spend a lot of time on the computer, etc. They still like to cuddle in bed with a good book. Interesting question though. I'm curiuos too!


Church Lady said…
And John seems too attached to Ursula.
Won't they just make Books in Pill Form in the future?

"Back in my day, we read books! And we LIKED it. Just like we LIKED walking to school, barefoot in the snow, uphill, both ways!"

Kudos on the award!

So where do I apply to play you as in your 20-30s in the Movie Version?
Lisa said…
Congratulations on Kindle! My initial instinct about ebook readers is that I do love the feel of a "real" book and I like to be able to see them on my shelves and have something an author can sign and sometimes (gulp) I like to even make notes in them and highlight them. But if the form factor for the reader was right, I can also see that it would be incredibly convenient to have one small, lightweight device that could hold what would otherwise be several pounds worth of books. I'll never be an early adopter of this technology, but when MP3 players came out, I didn't picture myself with one of those either and of course I do have an iPod.
Kim Stagliano said…
John - man-ually feed new content you mean?

We ladies tend to avoid the entire human form and focus on only specifics, if you get my drift.

As for books in pill form? I'm sure Merck is racing PFizer for a "Read-agra" pill. Of course, it will only be erotica and will give the men an erection.... And yes, insurance WILL cover it, but speech for my kids will continue to be denied. ;)

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