Paragliders over Mount Tom

I try and hike on Sundays to stay in shape. I have not been able to do much of that lately, with all the publicity and touring for Look Me in the Eye. I decided to walk up Mt. Tom because it's steep and very good exercise, and it's nearby.
When I got to the top, I found a crew of enthusiasts getting ready to launch their paragliders. The top images show West Springfield resident Barry Kriger helping John Gallagher launch from the cliff edge. John drove all the way from Boston for this, and they carried the paraglider rigs up the mountain on their backs.
The images below show Stephan Pfammatter launching a few minutes later.

I watched them for almost two hours. During that time, three of them launched and they seemed to hover effortlessly. I had to leave after two hours - the leaves in the yard were waiting. It looked like a lot of fun. For someone else. As I said to Barry, "I would not want to jump from those cliffs, even with a paraglider."
"We don't say jump," Barry corrected me. "We're a little more positive. We say launch."
I don't want to launch either, but I'll happily watch them. Luckily, I had my camera.


Church Lady said…
Beautiful photos!
I have ALWAYS wanted to try this.

*Launching* Love it!

Looks like it was a beautiful day also.
Under two weeks until you come to CO!

I see parasailers pretty often around here. I wouldn't jump for love nor money.
Holly Kennedy said…
I could 'launch' just as they did... if I were medicated! I did notice, however, that they seem to have their backsides protected by what looks like a cushioned seat of some sort, and I'm thinking that's a very good thing.
ORION said…

Polly Kahl said…
I'm with Pat.

The Muse said…
You guys are sissies! You've got to learn to be adventurous and face your fears.

I've been hot air ballooning, zip-trekking, and parasailing behind a boat, but never off from a mountain. I’ll bet that I would love that. Although it can't be any worse than zip-trekking 350 feet above a rocky gorge in
Whistler, BC. The sensation of flying is so exhilarating! My 10-year-old son went parasailing on an 800-foot line recently. I've also tried a reverse bungee jump where you are seated in a slingshot and you are thrown 500 feet into the air. What a rush! I haven't tried sky diving yet; but I have practiced it in a vertical wind tunnel, which gives you the exact same sensation of falling & floating. But by far the COOLEST thing that I have ever done is zip-trekking at speeds of 70 miles an hour through the alpine trees in British Columbia. Now that is a religious experience!

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