A noteworthy quote and an interesting link

One of my mom friends was watching the kids at her son's school. Two of them were arguing pretty loudly. One of them said to the other,

"Just because you're rude and obnoxious doesn't mean you have Asperger's too!"

And there you have it. Keep that in mind, the next time you have an altercation.

And if you'd like to meet a 19 year old Aspergian, my son Cubby is now on Facebook. Send him a friend request at



cath c said…
love it!

in my son's taekando class, they were having a session of peer teaching. i was happy to see and hear him speak up appropriately, with "hold on, hold on. you have to remember, i have asperger's syndrome. slow. down." a week before he would have wandered the room after getting exasperated.
Kathy Torrence said…
Wow. "Rude and obnoxious." Certainly not how I'd like my AS son be be labeled.

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