Sunday, July 5, 2009

Riding the zip lines at Berkshire East

I'd never tried this before. I'd heard of zip lines in faraway places, like Colorado or Costa Rica. They are now right here in Western Massachusetts. The course at Berkshire East in Charlemont was really a blast!

Here are some images of the run:

And stay tuned for more book news . . . Woof!


Kanani said...

What a blast. I think that would be the most fun way to get around town! A series of zip lines from the house to the market, and the post office!

Hey, I started to read the description of the new book you're writing, but stopped because I want to be able to read the ARC with fresh eyes.


John Elder Robison said...

I'll be sure you get one, but it's probably a year away, given the speed of publishing

Kanani said...

Wouldn't it be kind of cool to have a "zip through" where you could go to pick up some milk and zip home?

Eric said...

All these years of skiing at Berkshire, never occurred to me that something else so wonderful could take place there. You just gave me the incentive to make the trek north this summer. Zip at Berkshire, and see the family in Colrain and Northfield. Many thanks for the pics, I'm homesick now but in a good way.

belhana said...

Thank you for the wonderful effort

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Michelle S. said...

that looks fantastic. I would love to know where this is. We are actually driving out to Massachusetts this summer and I wonder if this would be something to look into...

John Elder Robison said...

Michelle, Berkshire East is off Route 2 in Charlemont. It's about 20 minutes west of the I-91 interchange in Greenfield.

There are also new courses at Catamount in SW MA, and at Zoar Outdoors, near Berkshire East.