Scenes from the Big E 2021 Fair

 If you like photographing people and action, it's hard to think of a better venue than the Big E - the Eastern States Exposition Fair, which happens in West Springfield, MA over 17 days, encompassing the last two weekends of September and the first weekend of October.

I have photographed the Fair for 25 years, and in that time I've see the transition from black and white to color, from film to digital, and then from one generation of digital system to another. 2021 marked the first year I shot the fair with mirrorless digital cameras, with most of these images shot with a Nikon Z7II. Others were shot with the legacy system, the still-capable D5.

Join me on the grounds again this September 16 weekend.

Who do you recognize?

What's your favorite?

All images copyright 2021 John Elder Robison - all rights reserved


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