And now, some words from the Australians

The Australian Broadcasting Company has been kind enough to put this webcast of my recent interview online for your listening pleasure:

And for those of you in Denver (American Denver, that is, not Denver, Australia) . . . watch for me Wednesday on KDBI Colorado Public Television, Studio 12 at 8:00 PM.

Everyone else . . . check the schedule on the right for some new dates and details


Congrats, John! I'll be at the TCover LoDo Thursday night with two books for you to sign; one for me and one for Lisa over at Eudaemonia, who's got a class that night. Looking forward to meeting you! K.
The Anti-Wife said…
I finished the book and absolutely loved it.
Chris Eldin said…

Denver is my favorite city. I hope you have some time for sightseeing. I wonder if Pikes Peak is still open for cars (because they close the pass when it's snowy)
anyway, have a great time!
Marla said…
I can't wait to read this book. I am in love with the cover!
kidperson said…
I am reading this book and am about 20 pages from finishing. I was really enjoying it until the whole mini cooper woman comparison. One could explain that offensiveness with the Asperger's defense, but I don't think was too worked over. It made me feel differently and I am glad it was near the end, which I am looking forward to reading.
Michelle O'Neil said…
Denver is beautiful and all, but when are you coming to Cleveland?
John Robison said…
Michelle, I was in the Cleveland airport on the way to Milwaukee, but that's the closest I got.

It will probably have to wait for the next tour. Publishers are very cautious sending authors out on tour because it's so hard to get crowds. They were surprised at the turnout for me and my book and we'll surely do more cities next time.

Right now I am getting ready to go to Denver, and I have some New England dates and some southern appearances but nothing more booked in the heartland.

Robin S. said…
Hi John,

Any chance you'll be in the DC area sometime for a book signing?
ssas said…
I'll be there! Two days!

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog site! I look forward to reading your book as well as the discussion that will follow. I have to say, I know very little about autism and the more questions I ask, the less I think I understand. I'm excited about the book. -Christine from
John, I will get you a crowd in Hudson Ohio at a wonderful independent called The Learned Owl. Liz Murphy is the owner, it's a lot like RJ Julia. And you can compare me to a mini cooper anytime (cute, petite, fun) - just not to an Escalade (oversized, agressive) and NEVER to a Hummer (boxym bloated, hoggish!).... ;)
Lili Marlene said…
I've finally had the time to listen to the radio interview. I liked the way that you disposed of the prejudiced notion that not doing the eye contact thing is a sign of dishonesty or badness. I believe that academics who study body language and human deception would agree that the popular prejudices about autists and eye contact are baseless.

I also liked what you had to say about the brain continuing to develop and change past childhood and in adulthood. It was only recently that the radio show that you are on, Life Matters, had a guest who was of the school of thought that says that the brain is mostly developed and set before a child goes to school. This scientifically dubious but widely-accepted idea gets pushed quite often on this show, and is used to promote early-intervention type therapies and services for children. I thought you added some balance.

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