A schedule of my upcoming appearances

Several of you have asked where I'll be . . . here is a schedule that's complete as of August 22. However, more dates may be added. Check the appearances page of my website.

September 25 Barnes & Noble New York, NY 7:00 PM

September 26 RJ Julia Madison, CT 7:00 PM

September 27 Brookline Booksmith Boston, MA 7:00 PM

September 28 Attending the Asperger Association of New England event, Boston

Watch for me on Weekend Today

October 2 Borders East Madison Store Madison, WI 7:00 PM

Listen for me with Diane Rehm on National Public Radio

October 3 Harry Schwartz Booksellers Shorewood, WI 7:00 PM

October 11 Food for Thought Books Amherst, MA 7:00 PM

October 16 Buttonwood Books Cohasset, MA 10:00 AM
*reservations required

October 18 Elms College Chicopee, MA 4-9 PM
*reservations required

October 25 Northshire Bookstore Manchester Center 7PM

November 2 UMASS Lowell Lowell, MA 7:00 PM

November 15 Tattered Cover Denver, CO 7:30 PM

December 5 Amherst Books Amherst, MA 8:00 PM


Polly Kahl said…
HI John, if any of us want to arrange for you to come to our areas, who do we contact and what is involved?
John Robison said…
To set up an appearance at a bookstore, have the store contact my publicist at Crown. The store will have to show that they can put on an event that justifies the cost of going there, and I don't know exactly what that is - it varies. That could mean a lot of media coverage, or a special interest group, or just a big crowd.

That situation is not unique to me - it's generally true for book tours. Between publicity, travel, books, etc . . it costs several thousand dollars to set up a typical reading. Since the public is not normally charged admission, there must be some other way for the publisher (sponsor) to recoup their investment.

The second option is a paid speaking engagement for a college or business group. In my case, those engagements are booked through The Lavin Agency, and that's on my website too.
ssas said…
Yea, Denver! You're on my calendar, John!
Drama Mama said…
Grrrrrr...no West Coast! Any chance of ever coming to San Francisco? EVER? I will miss you in NYC by a DAY. Ugh.
Trish Ryan said…
We'll see you at Brookline Books in Boston...it's one the calendar in ink, so it's official :)
Unknown said…
Wish you were coming near East Tennessee...
John Robison said…
Drama Mama, I hope to see San Francisco soon. However, it costs the publishers quite a bit to put on a tour like this and they want to see what the public reaction is.

If there's a strong enough demand, I'll be there.

Meanwhile, why don't you stay an extra day if you're here on the 24th? I think a lot of bloggers you know will be at the New York reading with my brother and me.
benbradley said…
John, months ago I recall you said your book tour would be coming to Lawrenceville, GA, which is only a short drive from where I live (and for PLANET3RRY, only a few hours' drive from east Tennessee). I'm disappointed to not see it on your list of appearances, as I'd really like to meet you and get a personally signed copy of your book. Does Lawrenceville still look like a possibility at some time in the future? I'm in a small writing group and could surely talk one or more members into coming to your signing with me.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to reading your book. Thanks, Ben.
John Robison said…
Ben, I do plan to get to the Atlanta area at some point. Remember that I'll have a tour for the paperback too . . . Right now my publisher is waiting to see what kind of response we get from these dates, and then they will decide what to set for additional dates.

If you have a favorite bookstore in the area, ask them to request a reading. Crown tries to be responsive to its booksellers.

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