No words, but some scenes from Boston this spring afternoon

Train tracks

Street art

Reflection in a Jetta

Approaching streetcar


Gorgeous, as always, John. Is that the streetcar to Tiffany's? Check out that color!
John Robison said…
Now that, Kim, is a girl response. A guy would ask, is that the streetcar to the (choose one) Harley dealer, pool hall, local tavern, car dealer, or even ship yard.

Tiffanys would not be on my list of Boston destinations, though I know a lot of girls would agree with you.

As a practical matter, I suspect most Tiffany patrons arrive via private transportation, as opposed to the bus or streetcar.
LOL! I've been to pool halls, I've been in many local taverns, I've even been to the shipyards. OK, that's the former shipyard in Charlestown, now a ritzy titzy condo complex, but it's STILL a shipyard. You've got me on the Harley Dealership. Never been in one. Never been on a hog. I have ridden in a Ferrari 308 and Testarossa and a Lamborghini Countache. That counts toward my testosterone count, doesn't it? And until I got my Catholic Sportscar (the dreaded minivan) I always drove a stick. See? I can wear diamonds and handle a 5 speed!

Kanani said…
I like how you go the Jetta image in the Toyota.
Or maybe it's vice versa.
Nice combination of colors.
Sometimes it's just nice to see posts without ponderings, but just photos.
I've put your book on carousel widget on my latest post.
spacedlaw said…
Since I have just read your book over the weekend, those pictures take on a new perspective (meaning beyond what they are showing). Not many people would combine these pictures with the idea of a spring afternoon in Boston.
John Robison said…
Now you have my curiousity piqued. . . what meaning do you read into that combination of images?
spacedlaw said…
No secret meaning of any kind but it did bring me right back to the section of your book where you bring your son to look at the trains and where you explain your life long fascination with these machines.
Every photographer has their own favourite subjects and would have come out with their personnal aspects of what could be found in Boston on a spring afternoon.
That you selected train tracks, a streetcar or a car reflexion rang immediately a bell (possibly because my reading your book was so recent).
John Robison said…
I guess that makes sense. You're right . . . the things I "see" in Boston are perhaps not what others see. Thanks for your observations
Carly said…
Hi, John Robison, I just came back from Boston. What a beautiful city! How are you? I'm Carly from Monarch, remember me?

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