Snow light in Vermont

I actually took that gallery name from an old Frank Sinatra song, Moonlight in Vermont,

Pennies in a stream
Falling leaves a sycamore tree
Moonlight in vermont
Gentle finger waves
Ski trails down a mountain side
Snowlight in Vermont

It was first recorded fifty years ago, and last recorded on the Duets album Phil Ramone produced a short while before he died.


Kat said…
Wonderful pics!
Niksmom said…
You really captured the serenity and beauty. I needed a bit of that this morning; thanks.
Autarki said…
The also fits with the picture i had in mind after reading the book.
Melissa said…
These are beautiful photos!
John B said…
Gorgeous pix, John! Reminds me of my ski trip last year. I'm ready to come back!

And as a Texan, I must recommend Willie's cover of "Moonlight" on his "Stardust" album.

The Anti-Wife said…
Wonderful pictures, John. Love the ceramic man with the huge snow hat!
Unknown said…
Hey John! Just finished your book a few weeks ago...I think it will really help out my friends who have a daughter diagnosed with Aspergers. Thank you for writing it and your honesty about yourself.

Love your photos ! Especially the last one on this post, the one of green steel girder bridge! We have quite a few of those lovely bridges around here in NJ. they are extremely
I have posted my all-time fav steel girder bridge photo on my flickr site. If you are interested in checking it out the address is:

Take care and enjoy the coming Spring !

spectalbro said…
loved the pranks. when the cop took it all in and said "sweet jesus!" i just about died. gravel prank was good too.
A Novel Woman said…
Hi John!

I'm in the middle of reading your book, and I'm loving it.

Lovely photos. I think some, if not all, are HDR, no? I love the effects you got.
Bookworm31 said…
Hi, Mr. Robison
I really enjoyed reading your story, I could relate to your story on many levels. Look me in the Eye was a Christmas gift from my parents. Now they have it once I said I loved it and learned from it. I also have AS and it was nice reading a book about someone who I am able to relate to easily. Truly a gem!
Unknown said…
Hmmm.... looks like Amherst...

Temple Grandin is going to be at STCC Nov 17 - going?
John Robison said…
None of the photos in this post are from Amherst. The most are from Vermont. The farm house in the snow in on Bay Road in Hadley, though.

As to Temple on the 17th . . I will try to go. Are you?
Unknown said…
Yes, Bay Rd, been there many times. That must be what had me thinking it was that area. Funny to be at the January part of the blog - I poped in from a Vermont aspie site and it dropped me here...

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