A visit to Melbourne Australia

One of the most remarkable things about this new writing career is that it's taken me all over the world.  My books are sold in over sixty countries, and I am now getting invitations to follow them.  These next two weeks I am in Australia, at the Melbourne Writer's Festival, the University of Western Australia, and the Brisbane Writer's Festival.

I hope to see some of my Australian friends on this trip. For those of you who are far away, here are some images of my travels.

It's a most amazing journey.  Thank you all for joining me, welcoming me, and making it possible.  

This is Melbourne at night:

Here are some images of the historic sailing ship Polly Woodside, at anchor in the Yarra River

I never knew my long lost cousin Zebediah Robison went to Australia and set up a boiler factory.  We thought that animal ate him.  He must have got away.

The city, as seen from the river

They tell me you could walk across this river twenty years ago.  They need to get some more fill in there now, because this is not enough debris to support my weight.  

Trolley riders look the same all over, lost in their thoughts

Twelve tracks lead out of the Melbourne passenger station

You see some unusual vehicles on the street here.  Also, they drive on the wrong side.

The Sofitel is famed worldwide for the floor to ceiling windows in its bathrooms.  The have not heard of that Strauss Kuhn fellow down here, I guess

Ships at anchor in the harbor

Me, in a mirror and a hall


Valerie Foley said…
John, I'm in Sydney, deeply wishing I could be at one of your sessions, but loving your perspectives on Australia.

Thank you again for all you do (including allowing me to re-print one of your entries in my book).

I feel as if I also go for a visit there after enjoying your pics, thank you!
Ken said…
John, I live in Melbourne and underwent an rTMS trial with a positive result (painless eye contact).

I hope you're enjoying Melbourne so far (as a holiday), even though the weather's rather cold!

I would love to meet you in person to discuss the TMS effects, ASDs, ASD advocacy, and other experiences etc...

Is it possible if I could meet up with you some time in the city centre in the near future?

Thanks in advance.

John Robison said…
Ken, write me at john@johnrobison.com and we can set up a meeting
Ken said…
Hi John,

I sent you an email to the address you listed.

When are you leaving Melbourne?
Twitchy said…
John, I cannot believe my luck that you are visiting my town, I hope you're enjoying all it (and our railways) have to offer. Did anyone tell you Sunday is Father's Day here? I am going to need some serious family good will to come see you :) Will you be selling/signing copies of your book there? Thank you,
jess said…
enjoy every moment of the trip! and thank you for the beautiful images, i love getting to experience the world thru your lens :)
cook65 said…
God but I wish I lived in Melbourne and not Perth at this moment!! As the mother of an Asperger child and a High Functioning Autistic child, I found your book an insightful look into my children's minds. Thankyou so much for helping me to understand a bit more.
John Robison said…
Cook65, I am coming to Perth tomorrow, to speak at the University of Western Australia this week
Twitchy said…
Thank you so much John for your talk today in Melbourne. You are a fantastic and engaging speaker, with really important things to share with the world, I hope many more people get to benefit from hearing you.

You also had a photo with me and signed a book for me and my son. You have been so very generous and we are very grateful. We really look forward to reading Be Different. :)
Richard said…
John, thanks so much for your talk today (4th September) in Melbourne. I have very much appreciated both of your books. They have opened my mind to the world that I cannot see; and as a result my life is much improved. I loved hearing the fill in details that you shared today.

Enjoy your travel in Australia,

scribeswindow said…
Alas I missed your Melbourne Writer's Festival session, Writing the Spectrum. I had plans to go that were hijacked! I'm halfway through Be Different and I wanted to tell you (the plan was for it to be in person!) that we need to see more of this kind of writing about the spectrum. As the mother of a child recently diagnosed I have found your book uplifting. So let me tell you here, on your blog instead, thank you. :)
Robyn P said…
Hi John,
I have just finished your book ' Be Different' . I enjoyed your easy style of writing and one paragraph resonated with me particularly as a parent of a young adult with non-diagnosed Aspergers. The one where you cannot understand people wanting to stay up till two or three in the morning as by ten o'clock you've had enough. Our daughter is exactly like this and on ocassions to try and trick her when we're having an enjoyable family time we hide the clock face etc so she doesn't realize how late it is.I hope you enjoy your time here in Australia.
Robyn P said…
Hi John,
I've just finished your book 'Be Different' and I really enjoyed your easy style of writing. One paragraph in particular resonated with me . It was the one where you cannot understand how most people are happy to stay up till two or three in the morning socialising but you've had enough by ten o'clock.
I have a beautiful young adult daughter with non-diagnosed Aspergers who we try to trick on special family occasions to stay up later than ten or so by covering the clock face etc or winding back our watches.
I hope you enjoy your stay in Australia.
Cheers !!

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