RAISING CUBBY - A father-son story

Raising Cubby.  A father-son story of tractors, trains, and high explosives

Over the past ten years, at least a hundred memoirs have appeared, each telling the story of a mom raising a child with autism.  In those tales, the moms are heroic, and the kids are troubled.  Some books are triumphant, while others end with defeat.  In every case, the kids and their moms are front and center.  But where are the dads?

I decided to address that question by telling my own story of parenting.

In my story, the dad's role in child rearing is fully revealed, and many secrets of fatherhood will be shared, some for the first time ever in print.  Some secrets are shocking, while others are enlightening.  A few are even amusing, though I view all of them with the greatest of gravity.  Among the secrets I reveal:
  • How to mark your newborn child, and be protected from "swapped at birth?" exposes forevermore;
  • What to do with a kid who won't go to sleep;
  • How to tell the difference between nuclear powered robotic farm animals, and natural born creatures;
  • Imaginative and creative uses for grandparents;
  • The true story of Christmas, including the secret location where coal for children's stockings is stored;
  • The best ways to deal with monsters;
  • How to build Vegetable Artillery;
  • How to buy your own railroad;
  • What to say when Federal Agents come calling
Armed with this story, any prospective dad will be able to enter into parenthood fully armed and prepared for whatever may come.  Dads who already have children will get new ideas for fun and exciting entertainment.  Moms will gain remarkable new insight.

Family pets will feel more secure.

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You can order your copy from Amazon here

You can order from an independent bookseller here


Cynthia said…
I preordered your book, but dang it, March is a long time to wait.

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