A chance to work in our automotive program

We are looking for an automotive teacher to teach, supervise, and instruct students in accordance with their individual education plans.  The automotive teacher will be directly responsible for assigned students and will assist and participate as requested in the development of student IEPs and ITPs . Must be able to provide appropriate individuals with data and documentation such as progress notes and other reports.

Requirements include possession of an appropriate Massachusetts Vocational Teacher Certificate or that you be working toward certification, experience in automotive repair, and a valid 7D license to drive students in a school van. You must also be willing and able to become CPI crisis de-escalation certified. Clean CORI and driving checks are also required.  Please send your cover letter and resume to:

The successful applicant will divide their time between the automotive program located in the Robison Service Auto Complex at 347 Page Boulevard in Springfield. This school-industry collaboration represents a unique teaching opportunity.  It is not a traditional vocation program.  Rather, we’re teaching life skills in the context of this automotive business, and we believe this will help any high school student who is wrestling with the challenges of career/college transition. 

The successful applicant may also have the opportunity to teach automotive technology and life skills to area high school students who participate in work study programs in our complex, and you may be able to teach adults in after-hours programs.

As an autistic adult who was unable to finish high school this program is particularly important to me. Lots of people talk about equal opportunity and affirmative action, but we need to do more than talk – we need to live it. We have a societal duty to help those of us who are different succeed and thrive, and this program is one small step toward that goal.

John Elder Robison


To say you have no empathy would be insane. That was the thought I had this morning, and this post just reiterates it. You are also one of my son's heroes!He was homeschooled through high school, as Temple Grandin recommended. Were there more schools like this, he could have gone through and got his diploma. As it is, with his GED, he will graduate with an Associates in Machine Tool Technology, with a minor in CNC Technology.

Empathy can either be an emotion, which can change in seconds, or a verb, which amounts to a lifetime of dedication. I am so glad you are not empathetic in the "feeling" way...Your life is a testament to real empathy.

Good luck in finding an instructor! Carry on...sorry for the intrusion....
Forsythia said…
Good luck with your program. It is so wonderful there are folks like you out there.

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