My book is for sale, six months early

Look Me In The Eye is scheduled for release September 25 by the Crown.

It's been on the Random House web site for a little while, but the description and cover photo are not up yet.

(2018 update:  It's now Penguin Random House, and all four of my books are there for the finding)

To my great surprise, I discovered my book already on Amazon! And I have a sales ranking, so people must be placing pre-orders already:

(2018 update:  Amazon has emerged as one of the largest sellers of my books, along with Barnes and Noble and the big-box stores)

It's exciting to see it starting to move so soon. We're still in the copy edit phase, and we just finished the legal review. It's kind of surprising to see people lined up to buy it already. But it's great!


Anonymous said…
Great job on the Amazon listing. I'll be one of those that is preemptively shopping for early xmas presents by picking up a few copies. Your a veritable celebrity with some of my family. Of course your still just 'John' to me and those others of us who know your bad habits. ;)

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