Edits Are Done

Look Me In The Eye made it through editing today. We're done with reorganizing and rewriting. It's about the same length as what we started with, but there's quite a bit of ne wmaterial. Blank spots were filled in , rough edges were smoothed, and the book flows immesuarbly better.

Elapsed time for this step: 4 weeks.

Next steps: Copy editing, where they determine if a line should be encase in quotes, or italicized. They find duplicate periods and look for words like ensure when it should be insure.

It's also off to legal review, but I don't expect anything shocking there. It's not a story that makes readers think of court battles.

Meanwhile, off to the side, the artists are working on the cover, and the business folks are figuring out the marketing plan.

The process is moving remarkably rapidly and smoothly.


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