A change in my corner of the blogosphere

I have been invited to share my Asperger essays on Psychology Today's site. The first one can be seen here:

Are Aspergians really rude and inconsiderate?

Meanwhile, I remain here at work, rude and inconsiderate as ever.


Gavin Bollard said…
Thanks John Elder, it was great to be able to read your essay. Very much appreciated.
I'm rude and inconsiderate, and I don't have Asperger's. So the opposite must be true of Aspergians.


Lovely essay.
Kanani said…
Ha ha! Yes, rude and inconsiderate. Don't we all have those days?
Polly Kahl said…
I'm guilty. Who isn't?

Great article, John, really enjoyed it.
pogosplace said…
I gave your book to a former boss last year for Christmas and have periodically shared your blog with her.

I shared the Psychology Today blog and here is her reply:

"He gives a very clear picture of the situation… definitely has a way with words that I respect."

"It’s wonderful that Aspergians have a spokesperson like John Elder. There is no telling how much good he has done for people around the world with his book and other writings – helping them understand Asperger’s and how to deal with it. I expect there are folks who would never have had an idea of what was causing their or a loved one’s problems without his message. He surely has a gift!"
Interesting. It's all in the perception, isn't it? When I'm rude and nasty I mean to be. And I know I'm being rude and nasty. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it is an Aspergian who is simply using his/her own system to judge the situation and has no intention of being rude actally being rude. I don't think so.

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