Your chance to support Public Television has arrived

Once again I have volunteered to appear at local B&N stores in an effort to draw unwary shoppers into stores, where they will be parted from their dollars by skilled merchandisers in smart uniforms. All for a good cause.

On these days, a percentage of the money you are relieved of will go to public television. The rest of it goes to the merchant. None of it goes to me; I am strictly a volunteer.

These are your opportunities:

Tomorrow, Friday, at 6PM at the B&N in Enfield, CT

Saturday, 6PM, at the B&N in Holyoke, MA

Sunday, lunchtime, at the B&N in Hadley followed by 3PM in Pittsfield.

Some of you - the dedicated ones - will come to several events. But what's most important is not the number of events you attend, but the total dollars you spend. Three hundred dollars spent in one store will count for more that ten dollars each, in all four stores. Sad but true.

If you prefer, you can simply call or log in and give money.

I hope to see you all this weekend.


Laura said…
That's a little too far for me - I live near Boston. I'll try to catch your signing in Wellesley though.

btw, I reviewed your book on my blog today.
Jason said…
It has taken me 38 years to understand why and how I tick. I work in an industry that is not suited to my brain – sales! I must look people in the eye and it is hard. I have learnt how to do this strange human activity but it wears me out. I need to change professions and get back into copywriting. I crave a creative role. It takes me so much effort to be engaged in a social situation but I do it! As you get older you learn skills to cope in those certain situations but it never gets better, just easier!
I am learning all the time and reading books like John’s really helps plus it fills you with a realization that you are not alone and you are not crazy!

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