Home from Denver

I'm back home again, and I thought I'd share some images of Out West on this fine mothers day evening. Here's the Sixteenth Street Cow, a Denver landmark:

Denver is home to many pointy haired people. Here's one:

Here's another:

One of the highlights of any trip to Denver is a stop at the Union Pacific rail yard:

Another highlight is the world famous Johnson Prarie Dog Ranch. Tasty eatin!

Here's the light rail, which carried me back and forth to my hotel. I was at the Tech center Hyatt, about 10 miles outside of town:

This is the view from the cab. These things go pretty good. They consistently ouotran the cars on I25

This is the O'Fallon Company, Windmills and Pumps

And here's the crowd at the champions for Children luncheon.

The clock tower is said to be world famous, but that could have been the liquor talking.


jess said…
so did you adopt the style of the natives? i'd pay good money for a shot of you with that hair!

thanks so much for sharing the photos. once again, you take us to places we'd never have gone. (i don't mean denver, i mean the cab of the train.)

John Robison said…
My hair is too short to point in that fashion. When Cubby was littler I always wanted him to go for the pointy-head look but he never would.
Michelle O'Neil said…
So is a fancy new pointy hair style in order for you John? Ooops. I see Jess beat me to the question. I am certian it could be done, even with short hair. Maybe for Halloween.
Amanda said…
Jess, I can honestly say I never would go to Denver - just because if I ever manage the flight I'd go to the national parks, New York (just to say I'd been) and try and visit some friends while I was that side of the pond.

Great photos John, pointy hair took me back a few years.....
Anonymous said…
Great photos. I bought John Denver's cd last week and can't stop singing Back Home Again!

CJ xx
Nope. said…
Woof, JE! Sweet of you to stop by the blog...did I send you an invitation to the personal one?

Psh, nice mohawk. How much do we pay for you to do one. Keep your hair out of your face, nu?

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