The autism review is done

We started at 7:50 this morning, and finished by 5:00.

It was a long day, and a long two weeks getting ready. But now it's done. I'm proud to have made a contribution, and honored to have been invited.

I'm headed back home in the morning. Then, Sunday, I am off to Portsmouth Abbey for the Newport Car show. I hope we have nice weather.


john c. said…
Thanks John to you and all who contributed so much to the review and ultimate selection of proposals which will lead to greater understanding of Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
Head Cookie said…
Hi John,

Sounds like a very tiring day but, you and the others with all your efforts made a great contribution today. Thanks for being there. Have fun at the car show. Sincerely, (Angie Bayless Jordan)
M said…
John, My friend Larry is a scientist in Memphis who received a grant! Thank you!

Michelle/Facebook friend
Eric said…
John, a heartfelt thank you for all that you did. I was so pleased to see that so many will be helped by these grants. Progress is certainly moving forward. Have fun at the car show, Newport is a wonderful venue. Woof!
Unknown said…
As the mother of a 43-year-old with many of the characteristics you describe in your book, I was very excited to read it and have bought several copies for friends and relative who care about my son, Jeff. As you well know, back in the early 70s when we were trying to get an education for our son, even autism was a mystery to educators and doctors. I taught special education for 15 years and now know that many of the teenagers I had in class had Asbergers to some degree. Your description of the thought processes you have really help me understand my son. Thank you for your book.
jess said…
as a mom, i thank you for your thoughtful contribution to the panel, john. your participation and unique perspective are undoubtedly incredibly valuable.

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