A listing of my upcoming appearances

It's been a while since I circulated a list of appearances. Remember, this list is always available in up to date form on the right sidebar of my regular blog, at http://jerobison.blogspot.com

I'm still got some openings this fall and winter, and I'd be happy to work with your organization to set something up. Contact Sally Itterly at the Lavin Agency to book me - sitterly@thelavinagency.com

Here’s a current listing of events:

Tuesday July 28 - Join me and Dr. Kimberly DeOre, MD, on Sirius/XM Doctor Radio on from 8-10am Eastern time. This will be a live show talking about Asperger’s, autism, and whatever else is on our listener’s minds.

August 18, New York *FREE BOOKS * Join me, Warren St John and Hannah Tinti for a Teacher's Event at Random House, 1745 Broadway from 3-5PM SPACE IS LIMITED! First Come, First Served. RSVP highschool@randomhouse.com with your name, title, and school no later than July 15TH.
Refreshments will be served.
Tell your colleagues about this event.

Sept 11, Springfield, MA Join me for the Basketball Hall of Fame enshrinement parade, where we carry the inductees from Symphony Hall to the Hall of Fame in a convoy of historic Rolls Royce motorcars. This will be a crowded event as Michael Jordan is being inducted this year.

Sept 16, Defiance, OH I will be doing a series of programs at Defiance College

Sept 20, Stowe, VT - I'll be at the British Invasion, the largest British car event on the East Coast

Sept 24, Lawrence, MA Join me at Northern Essex Community College from 12:30 to 2.

Sept 28, Grand Rapids, MI I’ll be the keynote speaker for the annual conference of the Michigan Primary Care Association

Oct 14, Potsdam, NY - I'll be at SUNY Potsdam - details to follow

Oct 20, on the radio - Join host Lisa Davis, MPH, C.N.C. and me on http://www.itsyourhealthradio.org/ on Boston 91.5 radio, live 10-10:30 Eastern Time. The show will be streamed on the web if you are outside the listening area.

Oct 22, Providence, RI - Join me at Bradley Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island as part of their “Speaking of Kids” series

Oct 28, Portland, OR - I'll be doing a luncheon presentation at Albertina Kerr Centers at the Governor Hotel. Contact Annie Gannon for details annieg@albertinakerr.org

Nov 25, Dedham, MA - I'll be speaking at Noble and Greenough, a private high school. There will be some space for non-students; contact the school for details

Mar 12, Rockville, MD - I'll be at "Diamonds in the Rough: Smart Kids who Learn Differently" at the University of Maryland

Mar 23, Worcester, MA – Join me at Assumption College
April 20, 2010, Eau Claire, WI - I'll be appearing at several classes and programs at the University of Wisconsin's Eau Claire campus. Check back closer to April for more details.

May 1, 2010, Garden City, NY - Join me at Adelphi University for the AHA /Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Association’s spring conference: Issues in Independent Living for Adolescents and Adults on the Autism Spectrum.

Oct 8, 2010, Waterloo, IL - I'll be the keynote speaker for Teacher's Institute at
Monroe-Randolph Regional Office of Education


Samwick said…
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John Robison said…
I was uncomfortable with Billy because he reminded me so much of myself in high school. I didn't ever say "special sklls would kick in."

That said, I do believe kids like Billy get more socialized with age, just as I did. And their focus and interests are more likely to have commercial value even though they were just a source of ridicule in school.

That has certainly been my experience, and it's been the experience of many others I know with AS.

The title "Issues in Independent Living for Adolescents and Adults on the Autism Spectrum" applies to the conference, not my talk. I'll be glad to take any specific questions on that or anything else, and I invite you to join us.

I do not believe independent living depends on waiting for anything to "kick in." I think we acquire new skills throughout life, and the most important ones for getting along are probably social.

Those skills - or the lack thereof - is the principal barrier to independent living for many struggling AS people I know.

They have trouble behaving in ways that make people want to hire them or be their friends. I have expereinced that myself, and there are certainly many on the spectrum who struggle more than me.

I don't think anything "kicks in" for that; resolution is a result of hard work.
Samwick said…
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John Robison said…
No, you didn't catch me. Finding what you are good at - your talents - is a key to finding success.

That's very different from your allusion to "special skills that kick in."

You may not see it that way, but I do. I believe we all have areas of talent and it's important to know what they are. When we know, we can play to our strengths.
Samwick said…
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kcarruthers said…
Mr. Samwick, I believe the appropriate response to your statement would be, "Is that your head or did your neck blow a bubble?." Only people with AS really know what living with AS is like, k? Great. Glad you understand.

P.S. Samwick...You're a candle baron, right?
Unknown said…
Waterloo, IL...that's not too far from me. I'm assuming this is open for anyone to attend?
Unknown said…
Do you get a lot of comments like the ones from Samwick? If so how do you deal with them? I work with a 19 year old boy with Autism (the other end of the spectrum from you) and from your book and another written by a mother who had a son with Autism, I gained a lot of understanding and helpful info. I have not heard of or seen two people who have the same degree or experience in the Autism Spectrum. All we can do is understand and use those things that are helpful and realize that in other traits and actions we will never relate. Bottom line I see 'my boy' in a whole new light after reading you book even though he will never be or even be able to act 'normal'.

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