Scenes from the Be Different book tour

It was a five mile walk from the hotel to my New York event, and I awoke before dawn the next day.  Here are a few images . . .

Join me today, March 30, at Elms College in Chicopee where I'll introduce my friend Kim Stagliano, who will tell us about her new book, All I can Handle.  Tomorrow I hope to see some of you at Barnes and Noble in Framinghm, MA at 7PM.  Then I'll be at Smith College in Northampton MA on Sunday.

My full schedule is here


Lisa said…
These are fantastic, the color is amazing! Can't wait to read the new book...
andreamatrix said…

My 13 year old son was just diagnosed with Asperger's four weeks ago. A friend recommended "Look Me In The Eye". I checked it out from the library and read the book in one evening. I felt like my eyes were opened to how my son thinks. Thank you!

I am also very excited that you will be in Framingham tomorrow. I look forward to meeting you and buying your new book.

Meg said…
Wow, what an eye you have. See, this is why I think we need to be very careful when we talk about "curing" autism. It would be a crime to lose the very things that make our children unique and amazing.

Thank you so much for your books. Such great insight on how it feels to negotiate the world with autism. Do you have any Texas dates on your tour?
Hope your event was a success and you and Kim had fun!
Cynthia Bronco said…
Great photos! Congrats on your new book too. I've been offline awhile, but I did see the Discovery Science network episode on ingenious minds, and it was excellent.
Go get 'em!
P.S. I'm in South Carolina now, and not missing the road salt and snow a bit. :)

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