Join me next week for the Autism Law Summit - Washington DC

Please join us for the 7th Annual Autism Law Summit at George Washington University in Washington D.C. from September 7-9, 2012.   I will be speaking at breakfast on Saturday, September 8.
The Autism Law Summit brings together parent advocates, service providers, legislators and lawyers from across the country to discuss the most recent information on securing, implementing and enforcing insurance coverage for autism. Topics will include 1) updates on state autism insurance reform; 2) how to advocate for your self-funded health plan to adopt and autism benefit; 3) the impact of Federal Health Care Reform (PPACA) on the autism community; 4) recent litigation to secure coverage for ABA; and much, much more!
Registration is required; the event page is here

Here is a direct link to the agenda as it stands now


Forsythia said…
Hope the summit is a success. I'd like to come hear you speak, but I have already made other plans for that day.

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